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International Baccalaureate Teaching Jobs Abroad

International Baccalaureate teachers typically work at private international schools as qualified, subject-specific teachers. On occasion, International Baccalaureate leadership positions become available - from Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher to International Baccalaureate program coordinator. Qualified IB teachers may work within elementary, middle, or high schools. International Baccalaureate teaching jobs abroad require at least 2 years of previous International Baccalaureate teaching experience.

International Baccalaureate Teacher Program Benefits

International Baccalaureate teaching job benefits will vary from school to school, though private international schools tend to provide excellent salary and benefits packages for qualified IB teachers. International Baccalaureate teaching jobs abroad can include the following benefits:

  • Round-trip airfare for teacher, spouse, and dependants
  • Accommodations or accommodations allowance
  • Family health insurance
  • Relocation allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Tuition allowance for dependants
  • End of contract bonus

For a list of available positions, along with information on salary, benefits, and contract details, please visit the Jobs page.

Teach in Turkey

Teach Away is partnered with a family of private international schools in Istanbul, Turkey. Teaching in Turkey is a great way for International Baccalaureate teachers to gain international teaching experience while working within excellent schools that focus on student achievement and school excellence. IB teaching jobs in Turkey offer competitive salary and benefits.

Teach in Cyprus

Teach Away offers International Baccalaureate teaching jobs in Cyprus, throughout the country in well-resourced international schools. Teaching jobs in Cyprus give teachers the chance to explore Europe while earning a good salary and experiencing all that life in Europe has to offer. International Baccalaureate teaching jobs in Cyprus require at least 2 years of previous experience in a relevant teaching role.

Teach in Egypt

Teach Away offers positions for licensed and experienced International Baccalaureate teachers at private international schools in Egypt. With a strong emphasis on student growth and achievement, these American and British international schools provide a motivating, supportive atmosphere for staff and students alike.

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