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Many of the teaching jobs listed on our job board require at least one year of teaching experience. This means that to be considered for these roles, you must have completed one year as a full-time teacher, after you have received your teaching qualification.

Teaching experience includes full-time work as a fully qualified:

  • classroom teacher

  • ESL instructor

  • preschool teacher

  • lecturer in a college or university

Although all great additions to your resume, unfortunately, it does not include:

  • part-time tutoring

  • part-time sports coaching

  • voluntary work with youth groups


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Some of our education jobs may have different requirements more relevant to their role, for example, a librarian position may require no teaching experience, but previous experience as a librarian. This information will normally be explained in the job description.

Remember; as well as having teaching experience, schools also require you to have completed your teacher training to qualify for job placement. If you have teaching experience, but are still working towards your teaching certification, you can still apply for jobs but you may not be placed until you have officially been awarded your certification.

If you have recently received your teaching certification, and you have gained one year or more of full-time teaching experience as part of your teacher training, this will usually not count towards your post-qualification teaching experience.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a year of teaching experience yet! We increasingly have more and more opportunities around the world for newly qualified teacher graduates – keep checking our job board!

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