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If you’re looking for tips on being a better teacher, then we have a quick and easy way to keep your teaching skills sharp – for free! We’re talking teacher podcasts.

It’s no wonder that many teachers are jumping on the podcast bandwagon of late – as a teacher, you know that you need to be constantly learning. The genius of teacher podcasts is that they blend the practical advice you need to be better at your job, along with stories and advice from real educators, in an easily digestible format. And the best part? You can listen to them anywhere.

So, without further ado, here are the best teacher podcasts as selected by the team at Teach Away (in no particular order). Sit back, tune in and get ready to learn.

1. Truth for Teachers

Frequently ranked in the top ten K-12 podcasts on iTunes, Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers covers all aspects of the daily life of teachers, speaking words of encouragement and truth to educators to inspire you for the week ahead in the classroom.


2. Cult of Pedagogy  

On her podcast, Cult of Pedagogy, if there’s a concept that has to do with teaching, Jennifer Gonzalez covers it. Full of tips, stories and interviews from fellow teachers, administrators, parents and students – she provides a wealth of information helpful for any teacher, regardless of their subject area or experience level.

3. House of #EdTech

In House of #EdTech, host Christopher Nesi explores how technology is impacting and changing not only the way teachers teach but education in general. Listen to stories from teachers and innovators for teaching tips and strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow.

4. Teachers That Teach

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Broken up into 10-minute weekly segments, Teachers That Teach gives language teachers strategies and advice that they can use in the classroom. These short and fun episodes are great for those teaching in a foreign language classroom abroad.

5. Talks With Teachers

Get inspired by top American educators through first-hand advice experienced through years in the classroom. Talks With Teachers aims to help teachers love their job and find their purpose in the classroom.

6. Every Classroom Matters

Host Vicki Davis covers two main topics in her podcast Every Classroom Matters – the effective use of technology to teach and using technology to build a better relationship with students. Although new episodes of this podcast ended in January 2017, it’s still a great resource for student-teacher relationship building in the classroom!

7. The Teachers Lounge

Teaching can get stressful, and The Teachers Lounge gives teachers advice and tools to help them succeed at their jobs. From managing your classroom supplies budget to dealing with difficult parents, each episode provides insight into navigating through many difficult topics.

8. Moving at the Speed of Creativity

A long-running podcast on education technology and digital literacy, Wesley Fryer, host of Moving at the Speed of Creativity, focuses on how these two important concepts are shaping current education and teaching styles.

9. TEDTalks Education

Part of the famous TED Talks organization, TEDTalks Education on all things education and learning from some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry!

10. EdSurge Podcast

Tune in for the weekly rundown of all things to do with education technology with EdSurge Podcasts. From exciting news, inspirational interviews, and insightful debates, EdSurge is a great listen for teachers looking for new and exciting ways to implement technology into their classroom!

11. Teaching Matters Podcast: NPR

NPR is a great resource for education-focused podcasts that cover a variety of topics from stories from teachers to the latest classroom resources. The Teaching Matters podcast focuses on the changing needs of students, and how teachers can keep up with these needs. Each week different teachers on the show discuss their experiences and advice on classroom management.

Got a favorite podcast that’s not listed here? We’d love to hear about it! Let us, and your fellow teachers, know about it in the comments below.

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