Teaching abroad with your family: Jobs with family benefits (With job postings)

Having kids shouldn’t prevent teachers from exploring the potential of their teaching careers overseas. In fact, opportunities for parents to teach abroad should be sought after. These are chances for teachers to bring their kids with them on the adventure of a lifetime.

The key to making this a reality, though, is finding teaching jobs abroad that offer the right benefit packages. Ideally, a parent (or teaching couple) moving abroad to teach would receive airfare, tuition, accommodation and other perks for their children. Positions offering this full package do exist with Teach Away. There are also positions that offer one or some of these benefits.

If you’re an educator seeking a job that offers benefits for your children, the trick is to keep your eyes peeled and to apply for Teach Away jobs that list benefits for dependents or for eligible family members.

As you’re on the Teach Away job board, look for something like this:

This is an example of teaching job benefits that provide accommodation and airfare for the teacher and dependents. Since tuition benefits for dependents are not listed, we can assume they are not offered. Further details, specifically with regards to the number of dependents, will be discussed with your Teach Away Placement Coordinator when you reach the interview stage of the application process.

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Current job openings with benefits for children:


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