The beginner’s guide to teaching abroad in the Middle East

Are you considering teaching in the Middle East?

If your answer is yes, then we’ve got some good news for you! There are a wealth of teaching opportunities for teachers at all levels in the Middle East and each country in this fascinating region has something unique to offer.

From average teacher salary and benefits, to typical start up costs and the cost of living, as well as the most popular areas to find teaching jobs in each country, we’ve done the research on teaching in the Middle East so you don’t have to!

Read on for more information on teaching in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan.

CountryAverage Teacher SalaryBenefitsStart up CostsCost of LivingTeaching job hot spots (urban/rural)
UAE (United Arab Emirates)$2,400 - 5,500 USDAirfare, health insurance, housing, tuition, end of contract bonusNoneHousing costs are highAbu Dhabi, Dubai
Egypt$2,300 - 4,500 USDAirfare, housing allowance, health insuranceNoneLowCairo, Alexandria
Saudi Arabia$4,500 USDAirfare for teacher, spouse and dependents, housing allowance, relocation allowance, end-of-contract bonusNoneMedium in urban areasRiyadh
Qatar9,000 - 14,000 QR (approx. $2,400 to 3,700 USD) tax freeAirfare, housing allowance, health insuranceNoneHigh in urban areasDoha and other rural areas
Kuwait792 KWD (approx. $2,600 - 4,000 USD) tax freeAirfare, housing allowance, health insuranceNoneHigh in urban areasKuwait
Jordan$3,000 - 3,800 USDAirfare, housing allowance, health insurance, professional developmentNoneHighAmman


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