Teach in Abu Dhabi

Teach Away Inc. is the founding recruitment partner for one of the world’s largest educational reforms, the ADEC Licensed Teacher Program. As the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s first worldwide recruitment partner, Teach Away is the number one choice...
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Teach in Bahrain

Friendly and welcoming, Bahrain draws a large number of expatriates from around the world. The culture is relatively relaxed, and Bahrainis enjoy a diverse environment and a comfortable standard of living. This small island country provides teachers...
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Teach in Dubai

Drawing millions of visitors each year, Dubai allows teachers to experience a unique combination of traditional Middle Eastern ways of life and an upscale expatriate lifestyle. Dubai's many private schools provide opportunities for licensed teachers...
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Teach in Egypt

Teaching in Egypt is an exciting experience in a country known for its historic sites and strategic positioning as a gateway through which to travel to the rest of Africa. Finding teaching jobs abroad in Egypt allows teachers to acquire valuable...
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Teach in Kuwait

Licensed teachers can teach in Kuwait's private international schools for the chance to experience life in the Middle East while earning an excellent salary and benefits. Hot and sunny year-round, Kuwait's welcoming residents and beautiful weather...
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Teach in Lebanon

Situated on the eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon blends historic sites with modern amenities, and its international schools have job opportunities for teachers around the world. Teaching in Lebanon is a chance to experience a culture that sits at the...
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Teach in Oman

Known for its friendly people and its mix of desert and mountain environment, Oman is one of the fastest developing countries in the Middle East. Oman has a number of international schools that welcome applications from licensed teachers around the...
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Teach in Qatar

Teaching in Qatar gives teachers insight into life in the Middle East, allows teachers to experience traditional Qatari hospitality, and offers highly competitive salaries. Teachers in Qatar will enjoy an accommodating blend of old-world traditions...
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Teach in Saudi Arabia

Teach Away offers teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia at a number of institutions, including private international schools, ESL schools and language institutes, and at universities and colleges. Teaching in Saudi Arabia can be a very lucrative opportunity...
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Teaching in the Middle East is a unique opportunity to live and work in an area that is developing rapidly, rich in both history and natural resources. The Middle East encompasses Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, and more.

This area is home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world. Teachers in the Middle East enjoy a warm climate year round, receive lucrative salaries, and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating culture. Through Teach Away, teachers interested in the Middle East have opportunities that range from teaching in Dubai to teaching in Abu Dhabi, to teaching in Saudi Arabia, Oman, or Egypt. Teaching opportunities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels are available, as well as leadership and administrative positions.