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Teaching in Macau

Teaching jobs in Macau

Teaching in Macau is possible in both international schools and language institutes. In order to teach English in Macau, teachers are encouraged to complete a TEFL certificate to have the best chance of successfully obtaining an English teaching job.

Teachers who apply for jobs in Macau’s international schools may need a valid teaching license from their home state or country. Most teaching jobs in Macau, whether ESL jobs or license teaching jobs, will require 1-2 years of previous experience.

Teaching in Macau - Hiring

Hiring for teaching jobs in Macau occurs year-round. Teachers who are interested in teaching in Macau should create a profile at

Living in Macau

Known as the Las Vegas of the East, Macau has much more to offer than casinos. The region is a former Portuguese colony, and this influence can be seen in Macau’s streets and architecture, which have a distinctly European feel. Besides experiencing the world-class restaurants and cafes, residents can enjoy bicycling and hiking around Macau. Many choose to escape from the crowds of the densely-populated main peninsula by spending time on the less crowded islands, which are accessible by bridge.

Cantonese is the most-spoken language in Macau, although many Macanese will speak some Mandarin as well. Because Macau is a popular tourist destination, many people also know English.

Macau at a Glance  
Language: Cantonese, Portuguese
Status: Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
Population: 600,000
Currency: Macanese pataca (MOP)
Size: 29 square kilometers


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