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3 Countries Leading the Way in Classroom Technology

Teach Away’s partner schools around the globe are pioneering some of the very latest digital educational resources, leading the way for more effective and engaging learning. We’re taking a look at some examples of innovative technologies currently in use:


Keen to raise their education levels to world class standards, the Abu Dhabi government has invested heavily in digital learning. Graduates leave as highly-skilled workers, adaptable to new and evolving technologies and often with knowledge that exceeds employer expectations. Vocational colleges, in particular, acknowledge the growing prevalence of technology in all workplaces and strive to keep closely in line with industry trends. In some facilities, students sign up to specialized  online class forums with video capacity, allowing them to team up on ideas and discuss self-study projects remotely. Students can also connect with their tutors face-to-face at allocated times using this service.


An international school in Kuwait City recently created an ‘Educational Technologist’ position to keep their technology implementation relevant with the rapid pace of change in tech and social media. The role of this specialist is to identify and assess emerging software and equipment that can be applied effectively in the classroom. Students here are each allocated their own iPad at the start of the year and carry out the majority of their literacy and numeracy tasks on the devices, as well as completing tests and interactive games. Teachers report that their students respond overwhelmingly to the interactive factor and tend to stay focused for longer.


Taiwan was one of the first countries in the world to provide free wi-fi access for its entire population, allowing unlimited access to digital resources. This has lead to rapid advancement of educational technology inside and outside the classroom. There are few school bans on mobile devices – in some schools, students are actively encouraged to use their smartphones and any apps they think might help their studies. Middle school and high school students even work on developing their own apps to solve mathematical, scientific and day-to-day problems. There has also been a surge in the popularity of online courses and live online tutoring, supplementing learning beyond the school day.


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