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teach english abroad quiz

China isn’t just home to the world’s oldest civilization, with a rich cultural heritage (and delicious food). It’s also a great location for new and experienced teachers alike looking to teach English abroad.


teach english abroad quiz


As the fastest growing market for teachers abroad right now, with an estimated 300 million students learning English, it’s not hard to see why China remains the holy grail for licensed teachers and ESL teachers the world over.


So, why the massive growth in the Chinese ESL industry?


As China’s economy continues to grow exponentially and trade with other countries increases, the number of Chinese people looking to learn English – the international language of business – shows no sign of slowing down.


English language learners in China are also getting younger by the year, as Chinese parents increasingly realize that the ability to speak English fluently can offer their children a better chance of acceptance into universities overseas and a well-paid job in the future. Recent estimates show an additional 100,000 teachers are needed in China right now – meaning there are more teaching jobs in China than qualified teachers.


Without further ado, let’s quickly cover five reasons why China should be at the top of your list of countries to teach abroad.


China is set to be a powerful influence in the global marketplace.


While having international teaching experience, in general, can benefit your resume, it’s an undeniable fact that over the past few decades, China has risen to be a global power player.


This means that having Chinese work experience on your resume can give you a competitive edge in the global job market. Teaching in China also gives you a chance to immerse yourself in one of the most universally useful world languages – Mandarin language lessons are often subsidized by teaching programs in China.


There are plenty of big-city options for teachers abroad.


English teachers, whether newly graduated or experienced, are in high demand in China. At Teach Away, we regularly recruit for teaching positions in various cities across China. It’s truly a teacher’s market – some of the world’s most rapidly evolving and cosmopolitan cities are in China. You could opt for a teaching job in the bustling capital, Beijing, Suzhou, with its vibrant expat community, coastal Shanghai or tropical Guangzhou. Check out our guide to teaching locations in China for more on these great cities.


The cost of living is cheap.


The average cost of living in China is much lower than many western countries. The low living costs, in combination with special expat tax rates, means teachers in China can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle, travel on weekends or holidays and still set savings aside for the future.


Teachers get great pay and benefits.


Chinese teaching programs are keen to recruit teachers abroad – and it shows in the compensation packages offered to expat teachers. Not only are teaching salaries steadily on the rise in China (full-time teachers can command anywhere from $2,100 – 2,800 USD each month) many schools offer extra perks like free flights, housing, vacation, bonuses and health insurance.


The travel opportunities are endless.


It’s no big secret that China is one of the world’s most fascinating countries, boasting the second highest number of UNESCO heritage sites in the world. Not only can you experience China’s rich culture and traditions first hand – Asia happens to be a massive, diverse place with the widest range of travel options in the world, so it’s worth keeping an eye on cheap flights and airfare deals!


Looking to kick start your job hunt? Check out our site for the latest teaching jobs in China and get applying today!


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