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5 Stunning things to see while teaching in Dubai (with photos)

Dubai is home to the world’s largest garden, the world’s tallest building, and the world’s most expansive shopping mall. The city is extravagant and luxurious. Some of what you will see while living in Dubai during a teaching a placement are truly remarkable. Just look at some of these photos…

1. The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. Lit up at night and towering over the neighboring “skyscrapers”, this piece of architecture is something to behold.

2. The Palm Islands

These symmetrical man-made islands in Dubai were designed to resemble a palm tree.

3. Luxury sports cars

Rare vehicles are far more common in Dubai than they are in Britain, the United States, Australia, or Canada. Teachers can expect to see some amazing vehicles such as these on the roads in Dubai.

4. Atlantis Hotel

The Atlantis Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the world. Its solitary placement on the Palm Islands distinguishes it from other architectural fixtures on the Dubai mainland.

5. The Dubai Fountain

Yet another “world’s largest” for Dubai… the Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system and it sure looks spectacular. Here’s a video of the massive fountain dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

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