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7 reasons to teach in Mexico

Teach Away recently made a visit to Mexico City for the annual ASOMEX conference, where we met with international school directors from across Mexico. It was the ideal chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by international education institutions in the country and was a great reminder of why Mexico is such a fantastic teach abroad location.

What makes Mexico such a great place to teach overseas?

1. Enthusiasm to learn

The Mexican culture has a strong hard-work ethic. Students are eager take their studies seriously in order to achieve. As a fast-developing nation, children tend to be especially ambitious and value their time in the classroom.

2. Be a part of a fast-developing country

It’s an exciting time for education in Mexico. Internationally-focused institutions are keen to take on experienced teachers from successful education systems so they can share their knowledge, methods and expertise with the country’s future leaders and professionals.

3. Warm climate

The climate does vary from region to region – the north and west coast is generally hot and dry, the south is hot and humid, while mountainous areas are cooler and more temperate. Wherever you’re based, it’s likely you’ll be able to wear your summer wardrobe year-round.

4. The food culture

Hearty and delicious, Mexican food has become a global phenomenon for good reason. Keep your mind open – each region has it’s own distinctive culinary style. Dinner is eaten late and is often a social affair for extended friends and family. It’s actually a common misconception that all Mexican food is spicy.The spiciness is normally determined by which hot sauce you smother your plate in – you’ll find a variety of green, red and yellow hot sauces to choose from in every home and restaurant.

5. Fun factor

Mexico loves to party! There are frequent national holidays and local festivals. Events are typically celebrated in the streets with loud music, parades, games, fireworks and food. There is also a big emphasis on entertaining and eating out with extended friends and family.

6. Learn Spanish or improve your skills.

Although many in larger cities can speak good English, Spanish is definitely the country’s first language. This provides a fantastic environment in which to pick up some Mexican phrases and practice your speaking skills.

7. Spectacular scenery

With looming mountainscapes, rainforest-hidden temples, beach bliss and island paradise, there are endless sights to tick off. All this natural beauty provides the perfect place for a huge variety of outdoors activities such as hiking, caving, sailing, diving and surfing.

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