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If you have a bucket list, there’s one item you need to add: teach in Al Ain. If you don’t have a bucket list, it’s time to make one and put teaching in the UAE on it. 

Providing education overseas or teaching English abroad can prove to be a life-changing experience. For many young people, teaching is a way to encounter a new culture, live in an exciting city, and enjoy the benefits of watching your students excel. 

Young minds need your help

If the possibility of shaping young minds in the United Arab Emirates isn’t enough to persuade you to pack up and move, then we’ll sweeten the pot with five reasons why Al Ain is the place to kick off your teaching career. Or, if you’ve been an educator for a while, why not shift your skills to the UAE? No matter what your rationale is, our list below has all the info you need.

1. A Different Way of Life

Al Ain isn’t Pittsburgh or Burlington. It’s not Des Moines or Salem. And that’s ok! Al Ain is on a different level when it comes to culture. Besides being located in a Muslim-majority country, the city is rife with things to make you feel at home like sports teams, fast food, national parks, and a zoo. Plus, the city borders and actual oasis. 

Oh, and did we mention the food? It’s out of this world delectable brimming with captivating spices. Not only does each traditional UAE dish smell terrific, but they also taste terrific too. 

2. English Teachers Needed

Although English isn’t the world’s official language, it is a language that is widely used with over 1.35 billion English speakers worldwide, 360 million of which have been speaking it since birth. 

The demand for English teachers is high across the globe, especially in the UAE, because it’s not only a language that’s easy to learn for non-speakers, it helps encourage tourism and allows a country to prepare for events that take place on a global stage like the Olympics. 

The more people who speak English in a country, the better that country has for boosting its economy and in turn, the quality of life for its residents. Moreover, U.S.-based culture dominates entertainment across the planet and we’re pretty sure your future students in Al Ain, have seen a Marvel movie or two or at least listen to Beyoncé. 

3. Competitive Salaries 

Education salaries in the UAE are not taxed. Yes, you read that correctly. Say goodbye to all those taxes that come off your paycheck because you won’t be subject to them once you teach abroad. You will, however, still have to file taxes in your home country but you would pay those in a small lump sum once a year. 

Here’s where it gets better: A typical teacher’s salary in the United Arab Emirates can range from $1300 (USD) per month for first-timers to $18,000 (USD) for educators that have been in the country for several years. If you multiply $18,000 by 12, you’re looking at over $200,000 yearly. You will not make that teaching in the United States unless you’re the dean of a private university.

With the cost of living in North America skyrocketing by the day, it may be beneficial to spend a few years abroad racking up a pretty sizable paycheck. In Al Ain, with rent, the typical cost of living for a single person is $1300/month (USD). You’re lucky if you find a one-bedroom apartment in a major North American city for under $1500. Additionally, if you have student loans from your time at college or university, that UAE salary could prove to be the catalyst to becoming debt-free fast. 

4. Looks Great on a Resume

If you decide to teach in Al Ain, it doesn’t have to be permanent. You can use your time in the UAE to hone your skills, learn how to create the perfect lesson plan, and bulk up your resume. Plus, by living in the UAE you’ll learn a new language like Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam, or Hindi and add that to your resume as well. 

You may be teaching English as a second language but you can learn a lot from your students by picking up their dialects and becoming fluent in conversational Arabic. The more you can add to your resume, the better. Future employers love to see that you speak multiple languages even if you can’t write them. 

5. Making a Difference 

Besides bulking up your resume and your wallet, your overall well-being can benefit from teaching in Al Ain. You will be making a difference in the lives of countless students allowing them to flourish in their educational endeavors. By teaching English as a second language to non-native speakers, you’re helping them develop brainpower. You will literally be shaping someone’s mind. 

By helping another learn a second or third language, you are actively challenging their brain to adapt to new experiences and strengthening the network that links the cerebral zone to the nervous system. You’re giving someone’s brain a workout and in turn, you can feel good about yourself. This is an instance where it’s ok to have an ego. You should feel proud about helping someone else’s brain get stronger. Neurologists everywhere will thank you. And who knows, one of your students may end up becoming a neurologist. 

What do you need to teach in Al Ain, UAE?

Before you start packing your bags, you’ll need TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). This is easily obtainable whether you’re a recent college graduate, still in university, or have already been working as an educator. You can get more info on TEFL here.

Ready to make a change?

Whether you’re looking to get started in Al Ain or want to use the UAE as a stepping stone to apply for other teaching jobs abroad, with your TEFL certification in tow, you’re all set to provide a strong educational foundation to your future students no matter where they are. And if you pick up another language and culture along the way, that’s the cherry on top of a very exciting sundae. 

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