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As part of its ongoing commitment to worldwide education and teacher development, Teach Away is excited to announce the launch of a professional development opportunity exclusive to Teach Away applicants.

Teachers who are successful in obtaining a position with Abu Dhabi public schools for August 2013 will have the opportunity to complete the University of Toronto’s “Teaching English to Arabic Speakers” professional development module – free of charge. The course, valued at $200, is tailored to educators taking part in the educational reform initiative in Abu Dhabi. Through an exclusive partnership with the University of Toronto, Teach Away educators will be able to complete the module at no cost. This professional development opportunity is available only to Teach Away applicants.

Applying with Teach Away allows teachers to work with the founding recruitment partner of the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) Licensed Teacher program. Teach Away provides its educators with benefits not matched by any other recruitment agency:

  • Proven methods – Teach Away’s screening process was developed with ADEC during the start of the program. Teach Away candidates, therefore, have been hired at a higher percentage than other candidates.
  • Highest rate of success – Over 80% of the English Medium teachers in the program are hired through Teach Away.
  • Simplified procedures – Teach Away’s systems tie directly into the systems of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, so Teach Away educators enjoy the smoothest possible processing of visas, flights, and housing.

As ADEC’s first worldwide recruitment partner, Teach Away is the number one choice for educators across the globe.

Read more about the Teach Away scholarship program.



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