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OISE TELF Scholarship Winner Banner

We are thrilled to announce that Maria G. has been awarded our OISE TEFL scholarship for 2023. This scholarship was established to help individuals achieve their dream of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and to make a difference in the lives of students around the world.

Maria won the OISE TEFL scholarship for her inspiring essay about why she wants to be TEFL certified and what she would do with a TEFL certificate.

Maria recently moved to Colombia from the US to study how peace is taught in public schools. When Maria started learning Spanish, she developed an appreciation for language learning. However, being in an unfamiliar environment, she struggled to communicate.

Maria described the experience as profound and inspired her to teach English as a second language to her new friends and students, a diverse group of parents, artists, singers, and cake designers.

“I empower them to take the first step in language learning and be confident enough to speak out loud,” wrote Maria.

Motivated by her students, more than anything, Maria wants to be a more qualified English teacher to help her students achieve their hopes and dreams.

With a TEFL certification, Maria can go from part-time teaching to full-time teaching at language schools in South America.

Thank you to the hundreds of applicants who took the time to write your submissions and share your stories of passion and enthusiasm for teaching English as a foreign language.

Teaching abroad can change your life

TEFL has the power to change lives. It opens doors to exciting new opportunities, both personally and professionally, and can change your life:

Travel: TEFL certification allows you to travel and work in different parts of the world. Teaching English is a highly sought-after skill, and there is a growing demand for teachers all over the globe.

Personal Growth: Teaching English as a foreign language requires adaptability, patience, and sensitivity. These skills can help you become more self-aware and improve your communication skills.

Career Advancement: TEFL certification can open up new career opportunities at home and abroad. Many schools and universities require their teachers to have a TEFL certification, which can lead to higher-paying jobs.

Congratulations once again to Maria!

We are excited to see where Maria goes with their TEFL certification and how they will make a difference in the lives of their students. Congratulations on winning Teach Away’s OISE TEFL scholarship!

Are you interested in getting TEFL certified?

Sign up for Teach Away’s OISE TEFL certification. TEFL courses take about six months to complete so you could qualify for ESL jobs and teach abroad by next summer! Learn everything about getting TEFL certified and teaching abroad on our blog.

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