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Happy Friday! Here is some news you may have missed:

Congratulations to 13-year-old Arvind Mahankali, who won the U.S National Spelling Bee after correctly spelling words including “glossophagine,” “trichocercous,” “thonnier,” “chalumeau,” and finally, “knaidel.” (via NBC News)

In related news, The Washington Post’s blog noted that 48 out of the 57 words in the Spelling Bee final were not recognized by Microsoft Word’s spellcheck. Another reason why students should not depend entirely on spellcheck!

Studies show that physical activity can lead to improved academic performance in reading and math. (via Deseret News in Salt Lake City)

This essay, “What Ikebana Taught Me About Japanese Culture”, is a great read that illustrates a first-hand lesson on cultural differences. (via Matador Network)

Schools may be adding time back in to teach the arts. Have you noticed a difference in your school? (via Education Week)

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