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Everything a teacher needs to know about international schools

So, you’re considering taking your teaching career overseas and are ready to start exploring your options. Many of the teaching position postings you will come across on our Teach Away job board are at international schools.

What is an international school?

International schools are private institutions located in a wide variety of countries all over the world. These schools strive to provide their students with an education characterized by a global scope. The curriculum studied within international schools are distinctly different from those of their host countries – an international school in Nagano, Japan, will teach material that contrasts greatly from the local public schools.

The curriculum of an international school typically applies an international perspective to a program adopted from the originating country. For example, schools within the British International school system will teach students subjects following a program based on standard the United Kingdom.

All of the job postings you’ll find on the Teach Away job board are instructed in English

Who are the students at international schools and why do they choose to attend international school?   

Students at international schools are typically children or dependents of expats as well as local students seeking a global education instructed in English.

Parents relocated to a new country often enroll their children in international schools to maintain an education that is in line with their children’s home education and that will translate well to opportunities for future education and employment. Local parents may choose international school for their kids in order for them to learn English or because they feel the international perspective taught in international school is more valuable.

What are the different types of international schools?

For information on Foreign Curriculum K-12 Schools, American International Schools, Canadian International Schools, Australian International School, The British International School System, International Baccalaureate Schools (IB), Crossover IB Schools, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), private language schools and institutes, and other international schooling options, please visit our resource page here.  

What is it like to teach at an international school?

As is the case with most teaching opportunities, teaching at an international school comes with its perks and challenges.

Classrooms composed of local and expat students mean that some students will be native English speakers while others will not. Teachers will need to be dynamic and able to provide organized classroom environments for their students to be successful. At international schools, school days are often longer and include more lessons that are shorter in length. It is also sometimes expected for teachers to be involved with extracurricular clubs, such as sports or arts programs.

International schools tend to have first-class facilities, technological provision, and very strong curricula. Teachers can usually expect to be in a comfortable, productive setting.

Does an international school sound like it might be the place for you? Get started today: Teach Away job board


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