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happy middle school students raising their hands are a sign of great teacher stories

A teacher is a guide and mentor for their students. 

They share knowledge and stories in the classroom, but they also have the opportunity to make a much larger impact. 

The best teachers will forever be remembered in the hearts of their students. Some will even make history for the inspiration, empowerment, and wisdom they have shared.

Whether elevating a student’s self-worth, creating a safe environment in the classroom, or showing up for their student’s well-being, it’s good to reminisce and appreciate the teachers that have gone above and beyond.

There’s a chance you even reconnected with a past teacher at one point, a moment filled with a whirlwind of emotions for the both of you. 

Let’s take some time to appreciate all of the teachers that helped us grow, succeed, and expanded us to where we are today. 

It’s a special moment of life that meant a lot to you, and so, we wanted to share some heartwarming teacher stories and ways that educators show up for their students.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel surprises Quinta Brunson with the teacher that inspired her sitcom
  2. Teachers inspire the next generation of leaders 
  3. They can teach lifelong habits 
  4. Adele recalls the teacher that inspired her the most in life 
  5. Teachers can be the great listeners their students need
  6. Teachers inspire students to push beyond their limitations 
  7. Teachers offer recurring words of encouragement 

1. Jimmy Kimmel surprises Quinta Brunson with the teacher whom she named her sitcom Abbott Elementary after

It went viral. Not long after the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live aired were people reminiscing about their own favorite teachers.

That is what happened with Quinta Brunson.

Jimmy Kimmel surprised Quinta with a video call that connected her to her 6th-grade teacher. 

The tears, emotions, and conversation between the two of them made one thing clear: her teacher was memorable for the love and support that she offered Quinta in her younger years. 

Believing in your students is the trademark of a heart-centered teacher. 

A classroom is a place for learning and connection, but it’s also a place where a lot of growth can occur. 

Life isn’t a straight line, but teachers that show empathy and support for their students, especially when they are going through hard times, will be remembered. 

You don’t have to revolutionize the curriculum to be remembered, and making history shouldn’t be a prerequisite. 

As a teacher, ask yourself, ‘How am I showing up for my students?’

It’s the moments that are seemingly small, that are in fact, valuable lessons and memories.  

Believe in your students, watch them grow and excel. Imagine the heartwarming reunion when you reconnect with one of your students! 

2. Teachers can inspire the next generation of leaders 

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to inspire your students to also step into their leadership roles, and perhaps even pursue a career as a teacher. 

Remember, teachers are some of the greatest embodied leaders! 

Failure is a common fear for everyone, especially younger students, and dreaming up possibilities for their future. 

Share with your students that failure is not an option, that you can fail forward, and watch them bloom. 

3. They can teach students strong lifelong habits 

The everyday habits we adopt create our lifestyle. 

And so, what are the habits that you are teaching your students?

There’s more to life than simply time spent in the classroom, and while students are there to learn and soak up wisdom, they are also there to grow as people.

Inspire the younger generations to adopt health & well-being habits. 

There is a chance that they might not have anybody in their lives teaching them this. 

4. Adele recalls her English teacher Ms. McDonald as the one person who inspired the singer most in life

Imagine reuniting with a student whose dreams you accepted, encouraged, and pushed. 

Now imagine you’re Ms. McDonald, Adele‘s secondary school English teacher from Chestnut Grove.

During a Q & A at the Grammy award-winning singer’s evening concert special, Adele was asked if there was anyone in her past who supported her, inspired her, or protected her from life’s trials and tribulations.

“That was Ms. McDonald,” Adele answered.

Watch a heartfelt and heartwarming reunion between Adele and her former English teacher, as a story of a teacher-student relationship that was rooted in love, support, and acceptance.  

The best teacher stories are about accepting yourself for who you are.

As people, we desire to be seen and accepted for who we are. 

Accepting your students, while truly listening to them, will create an immensely positive influence on their lives. 

It will change their lives for the better, as it creates a deeper shift in their perspectives. 

In accepting students for who they are, you are teaching them that they are inherently worthy. 

5. Teachers can be the great listeners their students need

Listening is a mindfulness technique that will show someone that you truly care. 

Teachers that listen to the opinions of their students, and create safe spaces for them to share and connect with their peers, are highly impactful and appreciated. 

It shows your students that you value and appreciate them, and these very same qualities will be returned to you.  

The classroom is not only a place to belong but to thrive. 

6. Teachers inspire students to push beyond their limitations 

Teachers can help their students push past any limitations or disabilities that they have made mean something about themselves. 

Believing in your students is also being attentive and showing up in a way that is inspiring them, no matter what circumstances they are in. 

The limits for what one can achieve are endless based on a mere shift in perspective. 

A teacher can be that guide to shift perspectives. 

7. Teachers offer recurring words of encouragement 

It’s natural to thrive off words of encouragement.

Teachers that offer their students words of encouragement, especially during the low and critical times, have the wonderful opportunity to see those very same students grow and shift into a more empowered version of themselves. 

Get your students motivated, passionate, and excited about learning and life! 

It all starts by paying attention and having a heart-warming conversation. 

Teachers are changing lives 

All of the hard work, tears, and long nights of being a teacher are truly worth every minute. 

Teachers are some of the greatest leaders, and the impact you create in the lives of each student can be profound. 

If your intuition has been calling you to the life of a teacher, don’t hesitate to answer the call. 

You can learn more about becoming a certified teacher with Teach Away

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