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completing a teacher profile on teach away

Landing your dream teaching job abroad starts with a compelling Teach Away profile.

Why it’s important: An incomplete or lackluster profile can hinder your chances of getting noticed by top international schools. Failing to showcase your skills, experience, and passion is a disservice to your job search, making it harder for schools to recognize your potential.

Completing a comprehensive “Professional Strength” profile on Teach Away offers several key benefits for educators seeking teaching jobs abroad:

Professional Profiles Get Noticed By Schools First

The top reason why complete teacher profiles get noticed first (and, at all) is because only those with complete “Professional” level profiles are visible to schools actively seeking top talent.

Thousands of candidates are contacted monthly through this feature, but only those with complete “Professional” level profiles are able to be contacted.

teacher profile professional strength

To stand out from the competition, complete your “Professional Strength” profile on Teach Away. Include a professional profile photo, detailed work experience, education and certifications, and strong references. This comprehensive approach allows hiring schools to fully evaluate your qualifications and passion for teaching abroad.

Then be sure to enable the “Let schools find you” toggle in your Teach Away dashboard to open doors to exciting opportunities

More Reasons Why You Should Complete Your Teacher Profile:

Opportunity to Demonstrate Commitment with Certifications

Not sure if you meet the job requirements for your dream role? Including certifications like TEFL or teaching credentials on your profile demonstrates your commitment to professional development while giving you a competitive edge, and ensures you meet the requirements for teaching roles at prestigious international schools.

You Can Apply for Jobs Seamlessly

With a complete profile, you can seamlessly apply for teaching jobs worldwide through Teach Away’s user-friendly job board, saving time and effort in the application process. Simply search for your dream job and hit “apply” to submit your application directly to the school. Stay organized and track your applications within your Teach Away dashboard.

Increased Credibility

A complete and well-rounded profile with all the necessary components, such as a resume, introduction statement, and references, enhances your credibility and presents you as a well-prepared and qualified candidate to potential employers.

Crucial For Visa Application

Completing your job profile thoroughly is crucial for visa applications as it ensures alignment with visa regulations and increases your chances of securing employment opportunities.

The employer relies heavily on this information when evaluating a job candidate’s eligibility, so omitting crucial details like dependency status could result in disqualification and unnecessary time wasted for both parties.

Additionally, a comprehensive job profile showcases professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing your credibility as a candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

Improve Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job With Teach Away

By investing time in completing your Teach Away profile to a “Professional Strength” level, you significantly improve your chances of landing your dream teaching job abroad and showcasing your skills and passion to top international schools.

Registering for a Teach Away teacher profile account is free! For more benefits subscribe to Teach Away Premium and supercharge your job hunt.

teacher with teach away premium membership

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