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In This Episode of School of Talk

Class is back in session! Teach Away just launched season two of our teacher podcast, School of Talk

Our recruitment and sales expert Ryan Stevenson sat down with two experts in the online tutoring field who shared their insights on how to be a better online tutor

Listen to the discussion with Ryan, Ellie Baker, an ex-school teacher and award-winning business owner, and Joel Rosenblatt, a former actor and founder of an online tutoring business, as they share insights on effective online tutoring strategies and building successful online tutoring businesses.

Here are some of the insights they covered:

  • Ditching a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and adapting teaching methods to suit the unique requirements and learning styles of students
  • Avoiding monotonous teaching methods and fostering engagement through dynamic teaching strategies 
  • Taking the rapid transition to online teaching prompted by external factors (i.e. Covid-19) and leveraging it as an opportunity to embrace the flexible and innovative nature of being an online teacher
  • Overcoming self-doubt and embracing your unique teaching style

Where to Listen to Teach Away’s Teacher Podcast

Watch the School of Talk podcast episode on YouTube, or listen on Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Want to apply to be a guest on Teach Away’s School of Talk podcast for teachers? Fill out the registration form and a member of the podcast team will get back to you!

School of Talk is an interview-style podcast for teachers, educators, and school leaders. We sit down with thought-leading experts to explore hot topics in education, teaching abroad, ed-tech, and so much more. Whether you’re an educator by trade or an educator by spirit, we’ve got something for you!

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