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It’s not too late to get hired overseas!

There’s a lot of conversation buzzing around the Teach Away community right now. While a large portion of this chatter is excitement at new global teaching opportunities, other bits express concern over a missed opportunity.

Let’s clear the air:

Don’t panic. It’s not too late to lock down a new international education job in 2016.

Although schools overseas have been very busy conducting in-person interviews as well as hiring staff for roles with 2016 start dates, this doesn’t mean there are no – or even limited – opportunities remaining. So, don’t be discouraged. If you’re qualified and haven’t yet found the position for you, or if you’re just late to apply, you can still get your foot in the door.

It’s not uncommon for teachers to commit to a new position overseas and then have a change of heart, which requires them to abandon their new position and leave the role open to a different candidate. In the case this occurs, don’t miss your chance. Make sure you continue to frequently monitor the job board and that your dashboard is complete, so that you can quickly submit a complete application as soon as a position becomes available.

There are also plenty of schools and education organizations overseas that conduct waves of last minute hiring. If you’re ready and willing to apply, be interviewed, and move overseas all within a short period of time, then keep your eyes on the job board over the next several months, as we see these types of job postings happen every year at Teach Away.

Abu Dhabi public schools are seeking more teachers for positions beginning in August 2016. A third section of interviews is to be expected to happen in late March. If you’re interested in interviewing for a position in Abu Dhabi, I strongly recommend making sure your application is submitted as soon as possible!

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools are still hiring, too. If you meet requirements for an NIS position and haven’t yet applied, you should. Living in Kazakhstan while teaching in these progressive schools is an incredible opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on if your goal is to teach internationally.


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