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Memorable teach abroad moments from the UAE!

We recently asked our teachers who are currently teaching abroad: “What’s your most memorable teach abroad moment?” With the recent interest of our Middle East teaching positions – particularly those in the UAE – we’ve decided to share our favourite stories from teachers currently teaching there!

Donald, from Georgia, teaching in the UAE
“The most memorable experience for me was the first day I walked in the class and was greeted by the students. Right then my fire for teaching was burning brighter again and it truly felt like I earned another chance to make a huge positive impact on children learning. Teaching abroad has changed my family’s life and has changed my outlook on life.”

Raina, from Texas, teaching in the UAE
“My most memorable experience teaching abroad so far is making life-long friends from around the world! I have come to realize that no matter where you are from, many of us are like-minded individuals that immediately form connections through this experience. My friends, even though I have not known them long, are my family. When you change your life with amongst a group of strangers doing the same as yourself, you tend to stick together no matter the differences. I absolutely love learning about everyone’s various cultures, languages, and countries.”


LaShari, from North Carolina, teaching in the UAE
“I live and work 3 hours outside of the city of Abu Dhabi in a very small traditional desert community. The most memorable moment so far: one day I was leaving work and camels came running down the road while I was driving! Camels roam free so drivers must be careful.”

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