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Passport to Teach Day 4: Get ready to ace your interview

If you’ve ever been on a first date with someone you’re not already super comfortable with, you probably know it can prove to be a challenging, uncomfortable, unpredictable, exciting, intimidating, relieving, or rewarding experience.

Interviews are a lot like first dates. You can leave them feeling like you just removed a boulder from your shoulders and that you might actually have a good shot at transforming this into something more.

Or you can leave them knowing you could have done so much more to make the experience a pleasant one.

Today’s Passport to Teach webinar was called Get Ready to Ace Your Teacher Interview and it was all about prepping interviewees to nail their interviews (and maybe first dates, too?). It’s not everyday that the people conducting the interview offer you advice on how to ace it… Here’s a few essentials from today’s webinar:



1. Don’t be desperate

2. Don’t lie

3. Stalk them a bit

4. Ask questions that express a genuine interest

5. Chat in a quieter place (not at the club)

6. Dress appropriately

7. Don’t be someone you’re not


The Teach Away Interview Process

Step 1: Pre-screen Interview

Step 2: Interview with the School


The webinar session unpacked each of the tips and steps above – it will be available after Passport is over at the end of the week. Just enter your email address to here to collect the content in your inbox!

Tomorrow, we will be sitting down with some international teachers to chat about some phenomenal global teaching experiences. Our guests will have chances to ask their questions as well. Get your questions ready and sign up here. See you tomorrow!


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