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Passport to Teach Resources: Recorded webinars and resume samples

Whether you’re pursuing a better career in education immediately or over time, at home, or overseas, Teach Away’s career development week packed in a pile of valuable information designed to help you learn and grow as an educator. We met with Teach Away Placement Coordinators and teachers around the world to plan a week of webinars with focused discussion topics each day of the week. We covered what you need to know if landing an international placement with Teach Away is a goal of yours.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to tune in each and every day to catch the Passport to Teach webinars live, so we’ve recorded, uploaded, and shared last week’s content here:

Passport to Teach | Get Started With Your Teach Abroad Application

Passport to Teach | The Complete Teacher Resume & How to Make it Yours 

Passport to Teach | Qualifications: Do You Have What It Takes to Teach Abroad?

Passport to Teach | Get Ready to Ace Your Teacher Interview

Passport to Teach | Teacher Experiences Fireside Chat


We’ve also shared our free resume samples. Feel free to reference or download and edit these samples when you overhaul your teaching resume:
Free Teach Away Passport to Teach Resume Samples


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