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Photo of map and the best places to teach english abroad with TEFL certification

So you’ve decided you want to pack up your life and find the perfect job teaching abroad, but there’s only one problem: you don’t know where you want to go!

With so many options before you, it’s no wonder this decision takes lots of contemplating. 

That’s why we’ve whipped up a short quiz to help make that life-changing decision a little bit easier for you. 

No matter where you are with your decision, this quiz will help match you up with the best places to teach abroad in 2020. 

It kind of works like a relationship matchmaker by finding your perfect match based on things like your personality, values and goals, except there are no awkward dates involved (thank goodness). 

Now go find your perfect match and when you’re done, scroll down below for a list of current job postings by region, so you can get started on your teaching abroad adventure! 

Where should you teach abroad this year?

Take our quick, 10-question quiz and discover your ideal teaching destination in 2020!




Don’t forget to head on over to the Teach Away job board. There are hundreds of great teaching job openings right now, across all levels, subjects and experience levels, at top schools and programs all around the world.

If you’re not already TEFL certified, there’s still time to get your certification so you can qualify for your dream teaching job overseas. 

Ready to see what’s out there? Here’s a quick teaser of featured jobs available to help jump-start your 2020 teach abroad job search:

Teach in Asia in 2020

English teaching jobs in China for certified teachers, ESL instructors and new grads:

English teaching jobs in Japan for certified teachers, ESL instructors and new grads:

English teaching jobs in Thailand for ESL instructors and new grads:

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Teach in the Middle East in 2020

Teaching jobs in the UAE for certified teachers and English teachers:

Teach English online in 2020

Online English teaching jobs for certified teachers, ESL instructors and new grads:

Teach all around the world in 2020

Make 2020 the year the world becomes your classroom. With so many great teaching jobs available, there is no reason you can’t start your adventure today. 

Still not TEFL certified? No worries! You can easily finish your TEFL certification online with one of our university-backed TEFL programs, so you can qualify for all your dream teaching jobs abroad.

Our online job fairs are the perfect first step towards finding a great-paying teaching job you’ll love. Interested? Spots are limited so get that application in. Apply to attend an online job fair!

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