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Early Years, Kindergarten, or Elementary teachers – do you have experience with the Montessori or Reggio approach? Do you have an AMI diploma? Teach Away is beginning to hire for more and more positions requiring this experience, and how you specify your qualifications could make the difference in landing an international teaching job.

Many teachers worry that being too specific on their applications will hurt them, because they might be overlooked for other jobs. In fact, the opposite is true! Being as specific as possible when it comes to your experience – listing your experience with different curricula and teaching methods – is the best way to be successfully recruited for a teaching job abroad.

Whether your experience is with Montessori, Reggio, IB curriculum, GCSE, or AP curriculum, letting us know the details can only help your application. Specify the type of teaching in your job application as well as your resume. Don’t risk missing out on fantastic opportunities teaching abroad!

Teachers with Experience in the Reggio Approach

Teach Away currently has the following positions available for teachers experienced in the Reggio approach:

Montessori Teaching Jobs

The following positions are also available in Rwanda for Montessori teachers:

With new positions opening all the time, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for the opportunity that’s right for you. Apply online to give yourself the best chance of finding a teaching job overseas.

Apply for Jobs

To apply for jobs through Teach Away, please fill out our online application. If you have already applied with Teach Away and would like to be considered for one of the teaching jobs listed above, please contact janette(at) directly.

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