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Teach for America or Teach Away

Differences Between Teach for America and Teach Away

“Teach for America” is a non-profit organization that places recent college teacher graduates in low-income areas in the United States where they can gain the experience and insight to move forward into their careers as teachers. Teach Away is a teacher recruitment service that works with international schools, ministries of education, and organizations to facilitate the placement of teachers in countries around the globe to gain professional experience and a great salary.

Teach in America or Abroad?

Teachers considering whether or not to move beyond their own borders should know that teaching overseas can be a valuable endeavor for the following reasons:

  • American teachers are able see the world and pursue personal incentives for travel and exploration
  • American teachers are often able to earn more than they would teaching at home in the US as many countries offer tax-free salaries
  • American teachers gain the professional experience to acquire a better job when they return home

Change your scenery

An overseas teaching experience is ideal for any teacher looking for a new life experience. For instance, NY teachers surrounded by the cement of the city looking for a healthy change can escape to the pristine beaches of a tropical country like Thailand. Conversely, the competitive nature of Kansas teaching jobs may be best approached with a resume chalked full of unique international experience such as teaching English in the Middle East.

Teach for America Overseas

American curriculum is taught worldwide. With many American international schools in countries across the globe, it is possible to teach for America while living overseas. American international school positions are a perfect way to make a change in your teaching career while enhancing your resume and seeing the world.

Teach a Non-American English Curriculum Abroad

While an American international school will prepare students for admittance into an American university, a Canadian, Australian, or equivalent country-specific curriculum is concerned with preparing students for entrance into post-secondary institutions found in, or associated with those respective countries. An International Baccalaureate curriculum is slightly different in that it is not country-specific, and represents a curriculum designed by educational professionals working in association with UNESCO out of headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. America is host to more International Baccalaureate schools than any other country, so any teacher teaching an IB curriculum abroad has the potential to return to the US to carry on instructing the same material.

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