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Happy April! We’re a third of the way through 2013 already. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll talk about another good teaching tool, Prezi. We’ll also share information on getting a Master’s degree in TESOL. Finally, our country spotlight for April is Azerbaijan.

Teaching Tool: Prezi

Example of a featured Prezi from Example of a featured Prezi from

Prezi could be called the modern version of PowerPoint, although that would be doing the program a disservice. Prezi allows for a non-linear format, meaning that teachers and students can scroll, slide, zoom, and enlarge frames. Prezi’s visual nature makes it ideal for teachers to display “mind mapping” techniques.

Preparing presentations before class (instead of using a whiteboard) benefits learning. It allows teachers to maximize class time for instruction, rather than wasting valuable minutes writing on the board. However, many kinds of presentation software are inadequate for teachers, as it is not easy to move back to review a previous point, or move in and out from big picture to detail and back.

Prezi allows teachers to make their lessons more visually engaging as well as potentially more useful and intuitive. The Prezi website has examples of presentations that make excellent use of the program’s graphic abilities. Prezi’s visuals can be used to explain or simply to entertain.

From USC Rossier: How is a Master’s in TESOL Relevant Overseas?

USC Rossier School of EducationThanks in large part to globalization and modern technology, English has become the dominant language around the world. The New York Times reports that about one-quarter of the world’s population is able to communicate in English to some extent. It is the common language for every type of global enterprise, including business, entertainment and popular culture, and it represents about 80 percent of the information stored on the Internet. Around the world, people from every culture recognize the ability to communicate in English as a key component of their education.

The Times also reports that the teaching of English is a multi-billion-dollar industry and that one-third of the global population is studying English or will study it at some point in the near future. While there is no question that the overseas demand for English language instructors is growing, trying to determine the best educational path to becoming a TESOL teacher can be confusing.

Becoming a TESOL Teacher

While some countries require only a bachelor’s degree and/or TESOL certification, there are many advantages associated with obtaining a Master’s in TESOL. Teaching English requires more than knowledge of the English language. A Master’s in TESOL provides in-depth knowledge in the teaching techniques that are essential for instructing students who have limited experience with English. It makes it possible to address students with varying language requirements, from those who are learning English as a hobby to those who require it for school or employment.

In general, overseas employers are looking for TESOL teachers who are well trained and who have classroom experience. Master’s in TESOL programs satisfy these requirements by providing a strong foundation in linguistics theory and teaching methods. Students learn how to apply language and literacy concepts in a broad range of educational settings. In addition, the best Master’s in TESOL programs give students the opportunity to put teaching theory into practice through field-based assignments. Students who are new to teaching will gain confidence and refine their skills by observing experienced teachers and applying what they’ve learned in an actual classroom of students.

TESOL Teaching Opportunities

Graduates of Master’s in TESOL programs have a wider range of professional options since they are qualified to work in a variety of educational settings in Asia, Europe and Latin America, from schools and universities to workplace settings and language institutes. They are also qualified to become school administrators, program coordinators, teacher trainers and ESL/EFL educational materials specialists. It should be noted that some countries have visa restrictions that apply to teachers, so it’s important for any U.S. citizen who wants to work overseas to research residency and employment laws in countries where they want to work.

Many teachers seeking jobs overseas have a bachelor’s degree in a non-related subject. The TESOL International Association reports that although salary levels for TESOL instructors vary considerably from one country to the next, teachers with higher educational degrees can expect to be seen as more desirable by overseas employers and qualified for higher salaries. Job seekers with limited TESOL training are at risk of finding only assignments with low pay, long work hours and no benefits. Those with a Master’s in TESOL tend to receive higher salaries and additional job benefits, like travel support. A master’s degree also provides greater career flexibility for teachers who return to the United States after working abroad.

Contact Rossier Online Today

It is never too late to become a TESOL teacher, and there are many areas throughout the country that have a high need for quality TESOL educators. If you want to make a difference in the classroom and teach subjects that you feel passionate about, apply to USC today. This groundbreaking Master of Arts in Teaching TESOL program will give you the tools to be more marketable in the changing environment of education.

Country Spotlight: Azerbaijan

Teach Away is currently hiring for positions in international schools in Azerbaijan. Licensed teachers looking for a unique experience can find excellent employment opportunities in Azerbaijan, located at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

Azerbaijan lies on the Caspian Sea and shares a border with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. The country is influenced by a mix of cultures from both Asia and Europe. The capital of Baku is a dynamic, cosmopolitan urban center built around an ancient city center. Glittering skyscrapers look over medieval palaces and Islamic mosques. Elsewhere, the country’s picturesque villages melt into the Caucasus mountains. Traveling in Azerbaijan is rewarding but challenging, as the tourist industry is still developing.

Teachers wishing to work in Azerbaijan should be open-minded and willing to take on new challenges. Previous experience is required in order to teach in Azerbaijan’s international schools.

Teaching in Azerbaijan is an excellent way to explore this little-known country. For more information on the current jobs available, please see our list of teaching jobs abroad.

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