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It’s back to school time for many of our teachers! Whether you are teaching in your own country or starting a new teaching job abroad, we hope everyone has a great school year.

This month, we’ll introduce our new Teach Away Communities for teachers to connect with each other. If you’ve recently moved abroad, we also want you to share your pictures with us on Twitter! Register for free webinars in September, and finally, read about our country spotlight for August, Indonesia.

Teach Away Communities

Looking for ways to connect with your fellow teachers? Nervous about heading to Seoul without knowing anyone? Looking for answers to your questions about life in your new country?

In order to give teachers a place to interact, Teach Away has created new Google Communities geared towards teachers who are

  • Currently teaching abroad
  • Getting ready to move abroad
  • Thinking about teaching abroad

Meet other teachers, ask your questions, and share your own advice! Links to Teach Away’s Google Communities are below:

Communities for Teachers
Teach Away General Community – ask questions about living and teaching abroad
Teach in Abu Dhabi – with discussion groups for public, private, and vocational school teachers
Teach in Dubai
Teach in the Middle East – covering other areas outside of the UAE
Teach in Japan
Teach in Korea
Teach in China
Teach in Kazakhstan

These new Communities will replace the older ones that Teach Away had used in the past. If you visit the old Communities, please note that Teach Away will no longer monitor, answer questions, or post items in these places. Please switch to the new Community pages. See you there!

Follow Teach Away on Google+ for updates, Hangouts, and news.

Share Your Pictures with us on Twitter!

If you’ve recently arrived to begin teaching abroad, we’d love to see! Tweet us the FIRST PHOTO you took of your new location, when you were in that “moment of awe.” Please don’t include anyone’s faces – unless it’s a picture of you!

Tweet your photos to @teachaway using the tag #2013away.

Share your images with us from now through the first week of September. Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

You can visit Teach Away’s Twitter page here.

Teach Away Webinars for September 2013

Teach Away’s interactive webinar sessions give you the chance to ask your questions to Teach Away representatives, and deliver visual and audio content about teaching, job hunting, and living abroad.

Webinars are free to attend and open to anyone interested in teaching overseas someday. Reminders will appear on the Teach Away Facebook page, Google+ page, and Twitter page on the days leading up to the webinars, so follow us for updates!

Webinar Schedule for September:

10 Reasons to Teach Abroad

Not sure if teaching abroad is the right decision for you? This webinar will look at the benefits of teaching overseas, and who may or may not want to consider it.

Food Around the World

Find out what travel tastes like! Join us as we take a journey around the world and look at local specialties. Be sure to eat beforehand so you don’t get too hungry!

Country Spotlight: Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast country of over 18,000 islands, meaning that the nation has more than 100,000 kilometers of coastline for travelers to explore. In addition to legendary beaches, Indonesia is famous for its dense jungles, flavorful dishes, and its densely packed capital, Jakarta.Indonesia Map

Jakarta, sitting beside the Java Sea, has everything from smoky street food stalls to luxury shopping centers. The city’s energy and chaos are a perfect showcase for Indonesia’s mix of culture. Meanwhile, the island of Bali is Indonesia’s most popular travel destination, and one of the most well-known island vacation spots in the world. Its sandy beaches, colorful nightlife, and world-famous scuba diving make for an excellent and easy getaway for teachers looking for a vacation from city life.

Teach Away currently has English teaching jobs in Indonesia for teachers interested in teaching ESL at a private language school. TEFL-certified teachers will be given priority for these positions. For a full list of teaching jobs abroad, please visit Teach Away’s job board.

Learn more about teaching in Indonesia here.

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