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We hope you have had a great holiday season and are as excited as we are for 2012! This month’s newsletter contains information on some exciting opportunities for 2012 to help you bring in the new year with a bang!

We know that the end of the year is a busy time so we hope you will find this list of jobs helpful as you consider where you might want to teach in the upcoming year. Drop by our Community page to connect with us – we look forward to hearing from you in 2012! Happy New Year!

– The Teach Away Team

In this issue:

Teach Abroad in Doha, Qatar

Teach Abroad in Hong Kong

More Exciting Job Opportunities for 2012

Teach Abroad in Doha, Qatar

resources for teaching overseas
Doha is the capital city of Qatar, and it continues to grow and expand into one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations in the Middle East. With a rich cultural history, a growing expat population, and some of the most lucrative teaching jobs in the world, Qatar has so much to offer.

As schools in Qatar undergo a massive education reform, more and more foreign teachers are relocating to Qatar to take part in the reform program and earn an excellent salary in exchange for their efforts. Teaching jobs in Qatar range from Kindergarten through secondary school, with many positions requiring Special Education experience as part of a major effort to address special learning needs across all grade levels.

Teach Away is now interviewing candidates for teaching positions at an exclusive private school in Doha. This school offers extensive resources to staff and students, and is focused on providing outstanding programs to students with special needs. In-person interviews are quickly approaching, with interviews taking place in Boston, Chicago, and Seattle in early 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit Teaching Jobs Abroad.

Teach Abroad in Hong Kong

resources for teaching overseas
Hong Kong is one of the most sought-after destinations for teaching in Asia. The Native-speaking English Teachers (NET) Scheme provides ample salary and benefits for teachers and their families, allowing them to live comfortably in lively Hong Kong. Teach Away has once again been selected by the Hong Kong Education Bureau as a provider of licensed teachers for the NET Scheme.

As an important hub in Asia, Hong Kong is a busy and lively city. Known for being a centre of pop culture, its proximity to mainland China, and a large English-speaking population, Hong Kong is a great destination for Westerners looking to teach abroad but maintain the essential comforts of home. Situated on the water, Hong Kong has a number of incredible beaches, and the subtropical climate means there is plenty of time to enjoy time outdoors.

Teach Away is now interviewing candidates for teaching positions in Hong Kong public schools. Teachers in Hong Kong will teach English at the primary or secondary level, while also contributing to the greater school community. In-person interviews are scheduled to take place in Toronto and Vancouver in early 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit Teaching Jobs Abroad.

More Exciting Job Opportunities For 2012!

Teach Away is now accepting applications for amazing teaching opportunities in Senegal, Colombia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. To find out about all available teaching jobs abroad and to get started on your next teaching adventure, visit the Teach Away Jobs page.

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