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Teach Away Telegram – January 2014

We hope everyone has had a happy start to the new year! This month, we’ll give you tips on how to update your resume. We’ll also give an overview of the recent changes to our application system. Finally, our country spotlight for January is Kuwait.

Updating Your Resume for the New Year

If you are currently working, when was the last time you updated your resume? Does it accurately reflect all of your accomplishments to date? If you are job searching and haven’t been able to land an interview, have you looked closely at your resume to make sure it’s the best it can be?

Do your research

It’s important to know what employers are looking for. Browse jobs that interest you, and check out their requirements and preferred skills. You may notice that a greater number of primary schools abroad are looking for teachers with IB experience; that preschools are always seeking Montessori teachers; that principals are asking for proven skills in using new classroom technology. Research what employers are looking for, and show how you have these abilities!

Highlight specific skills, not duties

Employers know that being an Elementary teacher means being “responsible for a class of over 20 students” – why waste space writing this on your resume? Focus instead on your implementation of new technology into the classroom, the system you developed to facilitate parent/teacher communication, or the milestones you reached with your students.

Condense if necessary

Your resume shouldn’t exceed two pages, which can be difficult for teachers with many years of experience. You might want to try grouping relevant experience together instead of listing everything chronologically, or changing the layout of your resume.

A well-crafted resume could make the difference in helping you stand out from other international teaching applicants. Find even more resume tips on our site, and give yourself the best chance of being hired in 2014!

The New Teach Away Application System

Teach Away Application Portal

Late last year, Teach Away launched a new Application Portal that lets teachers apply directly for positions that interest them. Read on for tips on maximizing the benefits of the new system:

When you visit, you have the option to Log In directly from the site. Once you’re logged in, you can browse jobs as usual – but now you’re be able to apply directly by clicking the “Apply Now” button.  

Visiting “My Dashboard” gives you a number of updates:

  • New highlighted jobs suggested for you
  • Better, easier access to our latest news and information posted on the Teach Away blog
  • A tab labeled “My Jobs,” where you can view the jobs you’ve applied for and the status of your application

These updates streamline the application process for teachers and make it easier for you to be considered for the jobs you want.

Happy job searching!

Country Spotlight: Kuwait

Though small in size, Kuwait offers excellent job opportunities for teachers, a beautiful Gulf location, and a very comfortable standard of living. It may be less flashy than some of its neighboring countries, but Kuwait provides teachers with the chance to earn a great salary and benefits while experiencing hospitable Middle Eastern culture.

The country’s desert geography means that much of the year is sunny and hot – very hot! However, winter in Kuwait can be surprisingly cold at night. Many expats wrongly assume that they won’t need their warmer clothing, but you’ll want to have a few articles of clothes to keep you warm after the sun sets in the winter months.

Most teaching jobs in Kuwait will be located in or around Kuwait City, as much of the rest of the country is a vast expanse of sandy desert.  In the city, shopping and dining out are favorite activities (though alcohol is not permitted). Teachers can find nearly any type of foreign cuisine in Kuwait City’s many restaurants.

Teach Away currently has teaching jobs in Kuwait for certified teachers. For a full list of teaching jobs abroad, please visit Teach Away’s job board.

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