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Summer is just around the corner, and the travel buzz is in the air! Continue to stay informed by becoming a Fan on our Facebook page. In this edition, learn more about the EPIK program, ESL teaching certifications, and more!

EPIK – English Program in Korea

Teach Away has been officially selected by the Korean National Ministry of Education to help place native English speaking teachers in public schools around Korea.

If you are ready to experience the “real” Korea while gaining valuable international experience, this is the program for you. The deadline is fast approaching, so apply soon!

Click here for more information about teaching jobs in Korean public schools.

What ESL Certification Should I Get?

The language teaching industry is huge and parts of it are regulated but large parts of it are not. Choosing the kind of training you want really depends on your purpose. If your purpose is to teach and travel for a short time, you may want to work in more casual teaching settings which have more flexible teacher training requirements. For this kind of teaching, you may not need to take a long training program, so a shorter program would meet this need.

If you are serious about teaching as a career, you should research the kind of job you are looking for (e.g. high school, college, university, professional private language provider, etc.) and determine the required teacher training requirements before choosing a training program. A good way to assess if a program is professional or not is to find out if the program is certified by a professional organization (e.g. in Canada, the Canada Language Council, CLC, or the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools, CAPLS, are presently the two Canadian organizations that guarantee programming standards. In 2008 these organizations will merge and operate under a new name). Internationally, there are other organizations such as the British Council which certify programs in many countries around the world.

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Teacher Story from Japan – Rosa Tancredi

Rosa recently returned from Japan where she taught English at a public school.
My destination was Yachiyo, a place I would later come to call Cabbage Town. I was excited and eager to be living and working in Japan. But as the days till my flight ticked off, my eagerness turned to anxiousness. My sense of adventure began to shift to a realization of the unknown. I was comfortable in Canada, and I began to wonder why I would want to leave that behind, but adventure won out and Cabbage Town became my new home.

Click here to read more about Rosa teaching in Japan

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