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Teach Away Telegram: May 2013

Happy May! This past month has brought new updates and features to Teach Away, and we’re excited to share them with everyone. We’ll go through a lot of these new features, and take a look at the site Numberphile. Finally, our country spotlight for May is Bahrain.

Teach Away News and Updates

A New Look for Our Website!

If you haven’t visited recently, the Teach Away website has gotten a facelift. Check out our new look, with resources and important features now easier to find than ever. Teachers now have better access to our blog, our social media outlets, and our jobs board.

An Updated Google+ Presence

Teach Away’s Google+ page has also undergone new updates and is more active than ever. We’ll be hosting hangouts from our page, so add us to your circles in order to keep up to date on when the next hangouts will be taking place! Hangouts are meant to be a casual, friendly place where you’ll be able to ask us any questions you have and meet some of your fellow teachers.

We also have some Google+ communities that are becoming more active, including the Teach Away General Communityand the Abu Dhabi Teachers Community. Joining these will allow you to participate in discussions with other applicants as well as teachers who are currently abroad. We hope these new resources will make it easier than ever for you to interact with us and the community of teachers!


Teach Away on Pinterest

Pinterest is another outlet where we’ve recently become much more active. Follow us for teaching tools, new opportunities, and our favorite travel photos and tips.

Teach Away on Instagram

Want to virtually follow us to your favorite destinations? Take a look at our new Instagram profile. We’ll be posting photos from our favoriteteaching locations, travel destinations, interview cities, and from ourown offices and cities. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Teach Away, and follow us as we make our way around the world!

Teaching Tool: Numberphile

Math teachers know how difficult it can be to engage their classes. Many students have the preconceived notion that numbers aren’t for them, and the idea of doing repetitive exercises on paper can make some students shut down immediately.

Enter Numberphile.

Led by a team of mathematicians and professors in the UK, Numberphile is a website that curates videos designed to get students thinking about numbers in new, creative ways. Video topics range from prime numbers and pi, to mathematical problems involving boxes of Chicken McNuggets.

While Numberphile is not a comprehensive site for math tutoring or extra instruction, it is a useful tool for math teachers to engage their classes and get their students thinking about math and number problems in new, fun ways.

The Numberphile team’s imaginative and real-world approach to math can also serve as an inspiration for math teachers themselves, giving them new ideas for creative problem solving. Watching a few of the site’s videos can help you re-boot older lessons and foster a love of mathematics in your class.

Country Spotlight: Bahrain

Teach Away is currently hiring for positions in a private university in Bahrain. Professors and college instructors can find excellent opportunities, with a generous monthly salary and benefits, in this university.

Bahrain-Pearl-Monument-e1364324384244As a Gulf country with a relatively relaxed culture and a welcoming attitude, Bahrain attracts expatriates from around the world. Teachers will find Bahrain to be diverse and friendly country, despite its small size. Residents of this island nation enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, as the country has a well-developed infrastructure. The weather in Bahrain is sunny year-round, and water sports are popular on weekends.

Teachers hoping to work in Bahrain should be open-minded and willing to take on new challenges. University positions may require an advanced degree, although some positions will accept teachers with a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential. For more information on the current jobs available, please see our list of teaching jobs abroad.

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