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group standing in field together - Teach Away COVID-19

It’s hard not to think about what’s happening in the world right now. It seems wherever you turn, new information about COVID-19 continues to unfold at every moment.

We know the impact this may be having on our teachers abroad or at-home, both mentally and physically, and we are writing this to let you know that we are thinking of you and we are here to support you with any questions you may have about teaching online or overseas.

We’re so full of gratitude for our global teacher community who are showing resilience and dedication in continuing to teach and engage with their students virtually while schools remain closed. 

Thank you for your selflessness and commitment to making sure every learner experiences the power of a great teacher. ?

On our end, we are doing everything we can to continue to support our global community of teachers, schools and staff in a number of ways.

And though we can’t say for sure how long this will last, we feel comfort in knowing that we are all united and that no matter what we will get through this together.

virtual teacher

We’re committed to our teachers ?

We are staying open and available to answer any questions you might have about online teaching, jobs you may have applied to overseas prior to the pandemic, our TEFL certification program or becoming a U.S. teacher.

If you need assistance you can reach us here. You can also take a look at our help center for more information.

Our teachers everywhere have switched to online learning environments. We developed a new course for teachers who need help transitioning from in-class to online to help them enhance learning outcomes and adjust to this new online environment.

On another note, it’s important for us to say that at the present time, most countries affected by the Novel Coronavirus are reducing travel of all levels.

As such, we are closely monitoring the evolving situation and taking the recommendations of our local and national governments, as well as looking to information leaders so that we can provide the best possible support to everyone.

Our priority is your safety and as such we encourage you to follow the advice of your local government. Here is a list of some of the resources we are looking to for information so that you too can stay informed of the most recent and factual information:

child learning at home during COVID-19

We’re committed to helping our schools ?

Our schools are feeling the impact of COVID-19 on so many levels. We are dedicated to helping our schools around the world stay on track and continue to meet their recruitment and hiring goals.

Even though schools have shut down, our schools are working remotely, preparing for the next academic year and are still looking ahead to hire new teachers.

Schools are also facing another challenge during COVID-19. With schools around the world switching to online learning environments in response to school shutdowns, they’ve had to adapt on the fly.

To help schools stay on track with learning outcomes and student’s performance in an online setting, we launched an online course with strategies for online teaching that helps schools transition from in-class to online learning environments. 

At Teach Away, we have always believed that technology could be one of the ways that every student can experience the power of a great teacher on a global scale.

And that’s why we are exploring new solutions with our schools during these challenging times.

We’re committed to keeping our team safe ?

Right now, health and safety is on everyone’s mind. And that’s why we’ve taken a few measures internally to ensure our family at Teach Away feels safe and secure too.

The safety, health and well-being of our team is our top priority. Our teams across our global offices are all working remotely to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

All of our staff at Teach Away have all the necessary tools and technology to communicate with each other and carry out our services as usual.

If you need anything, we’re happy to continue to assist you during our regular business hours.

hope for our teachers and community during COVID-19

We’re committed to hope ✨

During such stressful and uncertain times, it can be challenging to stay positive or hopeful. At Teach Away, we understand and feel that too.

But we are hopeful. And we are staying positive.

In fact, we are seeing so many members of our teaching community respond with encouragement to each other, and to the parents and students also struggling to adapt to this new reality.

Our work family is also seeing new and exciting opportunities for online teaching while we are all practicing social distancing.

We are hearing from our teams around the globe about good news stories. For starters, our teams in China are sharing information about businesses starting up again and confirmed cases starting to dwindle.

Let’s keep the positivity alive and remember that humanity has always bounced back after times of darkness. This time is no different.

We’re hoping that you and your loved ones are feeling safe and secure wherever you may be in the world.

Yours truly,

The Teach Away Team

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