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Teaching in Abu Dhabi’s vocational and technical schools (with job postings)

At Teach Away, we source incredible teachers and administrators for all sorts of education positions all around the world. While many of the jobs posted on our job board are for licensed teachers at public schools, international schools, and other private schools, we also post specialized vacancies and licensed teaching openings for technical schools and colleges in Abu Dhabi.

About technical schools in Abu Dhabi

Teach Away works regularly with two major Abu Dhabi-based hiring bodies to provide qualified English-speaking education professionals. The Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI) and the Institute for Applied Technology (IAT) are vocational schools that each hires hundreds of new teachers and instructors every year.

The aim of technical and vocational schools in Abu Dhabi is to prepare students for employment. Between them, ADVETI and IAT provide a wide range of education topics; students study topics as focused as engineering and aviation.

Teaching with ADVETI

Educators employed by ADVETI are essentially technical college instructors. ADVETI schools are composed of students who have completed high school and are 17 years of age or older. As I mentioned above, these schools’ programs are designed to equip students with employable knowledge and skills.

As noted on the ADVETI website, “ADVETI Is Licensed By The Ministry of Higher Education And Scientific Research” and “the programs offered at ADVETI have been specifically designed in consultation with Abu Dhabi industry and businesses to ensure that ADVETI graduates are employable.”

Diploma programs at ADVETI are offered in one of their three faculties: Business, Information Technology, or Engineering.

Teaching with IAT

IAT instructors may work in a high school or college capacity. IAT offers Career-based Technical Education (CTE) at high schools, or secondary and tertiary schools, as well as higher education programs in engineering, aviation, and nursing at the higher learning level.

With state-of-the-art facilities and high quality English-speaking education professionals, the Institute of Applied Technology is a vital piece of UAE’s and Abu Dhabi’s educational ambitions.

Getting hired at an ADVETI or IAT vocational school

Abu Dhabi’s technical institutions hire hundreds of educators every year. Their programs are in need of employees with all levels of qualifications – there are opportunities for university graduates, ESL instructors, licensed teachers, college instructors, trades/technical instructors, leadership/administrators/principals, and more.

Abu Dhabi technical schools are currently hiring for positions with August 2016 start dates. Make sure your Teach Away profile is complete, then get to applying for the following positions in Abu Dhabi:

P.E. Teaching Positions – Vocational School

Math Teaching Positions – Vocational School

English Teachers – Vocational School

Secondary Biology Teachers – Vocational College

ICT Teachers – Vocational School

English Teachers – Vocational Institute

Director – Vocational School

Physics Teachers – Vocational Institute

Chemistry Teachers – Vocational Institute

Biology Teachers – Vocational Institute in Abu Dhabi

Cluster Teacher – Vocational Institute

Engineering Teachers – Technical Institute

Mathematics Teachers – Technical Institute

Secondary Chemistry Teaching Positions – Vocational School

Physics Teaching Positions – Vocational School


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