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Travel and Education News Roundup – April 11, 2014

Happy Friday! Here are some articles you may have missed this week:

Many travelers are familiar with this feeling: you arrive in a country, have your first meal out, then realize you have no idea if you’re expected to tip or not. Matador Network has posted a useful (but not exhaustive) map that allows you to roll over a country to view their tipping customs.

What an interesting program! Some schools in Philadelphia are trying a new way to instill confidence and social grace in their students. (via

“How I Quit My Job to Travel: The Corporate Lawyer” (via BBC)

A school therapist writes on the importance of eliminating labels when teaching. (via SmartBlogs)

Finally, thanks to Vimeo user Simon Bouisson, take a look at this mesmerizing slow-motion video of Tokyo in reverse:

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