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Travel and Education News Roundup – March 21, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone! If you’ve missed any of the links below, take a look and enjoy your Friday!

Headed to Abu Dhabi? Don’t miss this unique experience. (via Toronto Star)

This list of 5 amazing teachers will inspire you. (via Mental Floss)

We’ve all gotten stressed in the classroom. These tips will help you stay calm and help your classes move smoothly. (via Edutopia)

Check out these absolutely surreal locations. Which is next on your travel bucket list? (via Buzzfeed)

Giving your students a voice helps make them more engaged and live up to their full potential. But how can you encourage them to find their voice? (via ASCD SmartBlog)

Finally, incorporating music into your lessons is a great way to help students learn. US News & World Report shares some tips for Science, English, and Math classes.

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