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Twitter chat with Teach Away’s Placement Coordinator, Sean

In case you missed yesterday’s live Twitter chat but are curious about what we covered, we’ve gathered all the sent and received tweets here for you. Our Placement Coordinator, Sean, answered all of your questions about his cultural experience while teaching abroad and what coming home was like. He also answered specific questions about different international schools.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to @kachale_neville for their thoughtful questions and engagement during our live chat.

@teachaway: Hey everyone, I’m Sean, one of Teach Away’s Placement Coordinators. I’m here to answer your questions for the next hour! #askteachaway

@teachaway: I’ve taught ESL in Korea and at an international school in China. Have questions about teaching overseas? Ask me anything! #askteachaway

@rodindarl: @teachaway How often do you get Philosophy posts? I’ve seen an average of about four a year in international schools.

@teachaway: @rodindarl Good Q! The focus of many intl schools are math, science & languages, so philosophy jobs are less frequent.

@teachaway: @rodindarl but even though there are more vacancies for those 3 subject areas than humanities and arts, philosophy posts do exist!

@viva_buymoria: @teachaway Hello! Are all placements in a secondary school or are there other types of placement? (Specifically South Korea or Japan)

@teachaway: @viva_buymoria Absolutely! As far as Japan goes, we currently have the following Pre-K/KG position:

@teachaway: @viva_buymoria We also have a variety of jobs in Korea that you might want to check out: Hope this helps!

@kachale_neville: @teachaway hi Sean. Have you ever dealt with issues of religion, racism etc while teaching in Korea and/or in China? #askteachaway

@teachaway: @kachale_neville You’ll find Korea is quite Christian. China isn’t very religious. But both places are very tolerant of other religions.

@teachaway: @kachale_neville W/ race, depending on where you are you will certainly stand out but in a way that ppl want to meet u, help u & be friends.

@teachaway: @kachale_neville China & Korea are very different. I miss the feeling of “being different.” It was a valuable & positive experience for me.

@teachaway: @kachale_neville Does that answer your question?

@kachale_neville: @teachaway thank you, i have also experienced the same setup of being ‘different’ & ‘standing out in the crowd’

@teachaway: @kachale_neville Did you find a change in your perspective when returning back to your home country? Does it change how you think of travel?

@kachale_neville: @teachaway it has definitely changed my perspective, u meet new people, learn abt their culture, visit places of interest

@teachaway: @kachale_neville Would you agree that the biggest culture shock is coming “home”?

@kachale_neville: @teachaway very true, it shocked me the first time i returned home but i’m kinda used to this now

@teachaway: To get to know my new cultures and connect with locals, I embraced local cuisine. Ask me about teaching (and eating) away! #askteachaway

@viva_buymoria: @teachaway Can you still teach without any formal teaching qualifications?

@teachaway: @viva_buymoria Certified teaching positions usually require a license. ESL positions less so. Check out our job board

@kachale_neville: @teachaway with regards to ADEC maths teaching positions, what numbers are we looking at per recruiting drive? #askteachaway

@teachaway: @kachale_neville Math positions are in high demand. Strong candidates who apply early and interview well are usually hired.

@teachaway: Thanks to the participants of this week’s #askteachaway live chat. Join us next week, same time, to talk to another recruitment specialist!

If you’d like to get involved next week with our live Twitter chat, use the #askteachaway to tweet us your questions on Thursday, November 27, at 8 pm GMT. We’ll have another Placement Coordinator live tweeting for one hour to answer any questions you have.

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