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We recently posted a number of teaching jobs in Taiwan with HESS starting in August, so we’ve gathered some helpful information for teachers who are looking into teaching in Taiwan.

Whether you’re thinking of applying for one of our upcoming positions or want to keep your eye on teaching jobs in Taiwan for the future, we hope you find this blog useful.

Types of teaching jobs in Taiwan

Taiwan, and in particular the capital city of Taipei, has long been a hotspot for English teachers abroad. Many teachers choose Taiwan when teaching abroad due to its low cost of living, high salaries and the increasing demand for teachers.

English is commonly taught in public and private schools in Taiwan, where most of the teaching opportunities in Taiwan are.

Public school teaching jobs in Taiwan

With English a compulsory subject from the elementary school level and up, there’s no shortage of teaching jobs in Taiwan’s public school system.

  • Teachers working in public schools in Taiwan can expect to make around $2,000 – 2,400 USD a month.
  • Contracts usually last from six months to a year and a performance bonus on completion of a contract is also common.
  • Other benefits include a housing allowance, airfare, health insurance and at least two week’s vacation.

Candidates applying for teaching jobs in Taiwan public schools must be certified teachers, with at least one year of relevant teaching experience.


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Private school teaching jobs in Taiwan

There are a wealth of job opportunities for English teachers looking to teach in private schools in Taiwan available right now.

  • For teachers in private schools in Taiwan, salaries are usually in the region of $1,400 – 2,100 USD a month.
  • There’s ample opportunity for travel in your free time, as most private school teachers get around 20 days off over the course of the school year.
  • Benefits include airfare, health insurance and – in some cases – a housing allowance.
  • Overtime is also an option for private school teachers in Taiwan, which can help boost your earning potential.

Candidates applying for teaching jobs in Taiwan public schools must be TEFL or TESL certified. Past teaching experience is an advantage, but it is not necessary.

Right now, Teach Away is hiring certified teachers for high-paying teaching jobs in Taiwan in private or public elementary and high schools throughout the country. Make sure you get your application in soon for your chance to teach in Taiwan this fall!

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