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Earn your Arizona teacher certification with Klassroom

Klassroom’s alternative teacher certification program trains confident, compassionate teachers, through our comprehensive licensure program. We care about the future of education, which is why we’re breaking down barriers of time and money and allowing those with a passion for education to become licensed teachers – quickly and affordably – without sacrificing quality or competence. Start teaching this school year!

Jumpstart your teaching career today.

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The fast and affordable way to become a teacher

Ditch high on-campus costs and arrive at your classroom early. This fast-track certification program can be completed in under a year and is the most affordable journey to the classroom.

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Teacher preparation that fits your life

TCP’s nationally accredited core curriculum is delivered online and on a part-time basis, so you can earn an Arizona State Teacher certificate from anywhere in the world alongside your current schedule.

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Quality instruction that sets you up for success

This state-approved program provides you with small class sizes, an innovative learning environment, deep teacher-student engagement, and expert instruction to prepare you for your very own classroom.

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Become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be

Teach at the education level you want with teacher licensure options from kindergarten through grade 12. With this state-approved teaching program, you have the option of choosing between an elementary or secondary level stream.

TCP Arizona Vacancies
Arizona Departament of Education

Approved by Arizona Department of Education

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“The admissions process was very straightforward, I appreciated that. I look forward to starting the program in May!”

Shasta S.

Teacher Candidate – Arizona, U.S.A

“My experience with the program has given me a huge amount of confidence for my upcoming career in International Teaching. The coursework prepared me for the challenges of the Clinical Placement which provided an invaluable experience with a knowledgeable mentor teacher, unique classrooms of students, and access to resources that expanded my existing understanding. I am looking forward to the doors that my certificate will now open for me! Both Cathy and my mentor teacher have been extremely helpful throughout the process, especially during the Clinical Placement. The pacing of the coursework was intense at times, although perhaps the model that the program follows requires a fast-paced structure to get through all of the content.”

Devon S.

TCP Graduate – Arizona, U.S.A

“I cannot recommend the Teacher Certification Program through Teach Away and Klassroom more. This program allowed me to continue teaching at the school I was working at while working to become a fully certified teacher. The classwork was fast-paced but it was geared towards the knowledge that you need as a teacher in a classroom setting. Cathy was amazing to work with, she provided excellent feedback with actionable steps that help me feel more confident in my abilities as a teacher. She also has invaluable advice on how to find a wonderful job where I would be the best and provide the best education to my students.”

Kaytlyn D.

TCP Graduate – Arizona, U.S.A

Your steps to teacher certification in Arizona are easy

Online Application logo

Submit your online application, anytime.

As long as you are eligible to work in the U.S. and hold a Bachelor’s degree in any subject, you can submit your online application at any time.

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Make enrollment seamless with an admissions advisor.

Get expert guidance from one of our seasoned admissions specialists to make the enrollment process much smoother. From cohort selection to submission of final documents, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Complete TCP Core and Clinical Placement

In under a year, you’ll work through the Teacher Certification Program in your chosen stream. The TCP Core curriculum is online and takes an average of 15 hours per week. Your three-month (450 hour) clinical placement can be completed concurrently with or upon completion of TCP Core. There is also the opportunity to complete the entire program outside of the state of Arizona, please inquire!


Find a teaching job you love.

As a certified teacher in Arizona, you’ll be qualified to teach throughout the United States and beyond! Plus you can take advantage of Klassroom’s leading domestic and international recruitment network of district, charter, private, government, and international schools.

Where could you be hired?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be able to apply for an Arizona state teaching license and be eligible for jobs through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and beyond.

With a sought-after American teaching license, you could land a teaching job just about anywhere!

From teacher training to placement, we’ve got you covered.

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Who is our Arizona Teacher Certification Program for?

university-graduates image

Aspiring Teachers

A few years out of college, a recent graduate, or a soon-to-be-graduating student who is ready to jump-start their career in education.

aspiring-teachers image

Career Changers

Career professionals looking for a big change, who are aspiring educators with a desire to make a difference. No formal experience in a classroom is necessary.

experienced-educators image

Experienced Educators

Educators without a teaching license seeking a formal certification to gain employment as a certified teacher in the U.S. or abroad.

americans-abroad image

Americans Abroad

Aspiring teachers living overseas who want to get a head-start on their teacher certification journey while working internationally.

Military Person

U.S. Military

Veterans, Active Duty members, and spouses seeking to obtain a teaching license through a fast, flexible, affordable pathway. Contact us to learn about our military discount

Meet Our Arizona Teacher Certification Program Team

Profile Photo

Dr. Nikki Wishard, Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction


TCP students will work under the guidance of Dr. Nikki Wishard. In addition to an impressive career in education, she also holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master’s in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

Profile Photo

Dr. Steve Francis, Ed.D. Curriculum & Instruction


TCP students will work under the guidance of Dr. Steve Francis. In addition to an impressive career in online and in-person education, Dr. Francis also holds a Master of Education and Bachelor of Education.

Profile Photo

Jenny Bard, Ed. M School Building Leadership, M.Ed Special Education


As a National Board Certified Teacher, Jenny brings over a decade of experience teaching and leading education in the K-12 setting of public and charter schools throughout the United States. TCP Students will be observed and guided through their 450 hours of Clinical Placement in Arizona by Jenny.

Profile Photo

Catherine M. Freericks, BA, M.Ed, Ed. D


Cathy has taught and supervised student teachers at both the undergraduate and graduate level and will now be guiding students through their clinical placement experience in the classroom as the Arizona Teacher Preparation Coordinator.

Profile Photo

Irma Berardi, B.Ed, Certified Secondary Teacher


Irma is working closely with the TCP team on everything from ensuring a smooth admissions application process through to your learning experience within the program. She is also here to support student success and connect you with career options post-graduation.

Profile Photo

Layla Warsame, B.Ed, Certified Secondary Teacher


As you start the enrolment process Layla is here to guide you through the application and admissions process.

About Klassroom

Today, we’re facing unprecedented global teacher shortages with no signs of slowing down. Yet, education recruitment companies have failed to offer innovative solutions.

Introducing Klassroom: a mission-driven education company committed to connecting students with life-changing teachers and helping those teachers live their dreams right in their hometown.

There is no single solution to the teacher shortage crisis we’re facing. That’s why Klassroom offers both unique pathways to a rewarding career for teachers, as well as world-class recruitment and hiring solutions for schools.

Through state-approved teacher certification, innovative teacher recruitment solutions, online professional development, and access to 1.2 million teachers, Klassroom offers a real opportunity to address the national teacher shortage.

Klassroom is connecting great schools with great educators and empowering life-changing career opportunities. Because we believe there’s one critical factor to student success that will never change: the power of a great teacher.

Be part of the solution.

Course Curriculum

Learn what it takes to be a life-changing educator by understanding the student on a deeper level through comprehensive, research-based and pedagogically sound content across our curriculum.

TCP is a flexible learning experience that includes core pedagogical coursework (TCP Core Online), plus an Elementary-focused curriculum (literacy, numeracy, social science, science), and an intensive clinical placement (minimum of 450 hours).

Our flexible learning structure delivers online, on-demand lessons. TCP boasts a learner-centric approach to ensure a user-friendly online environment that sets students up for success.

The online Core Coursework consists of part-time, asynchronous lessons. You’ll be placed in a cohort with anywhere from 15-20 fellow TCP students as well as an online mentor, giving you the opportunity to connect during weekly lessons. Each week you should be able to dedicate a min. 15-20 hours to your submissions, assignments and discussions as you will be expected to meet deadlines and due dates.

You’ll be equipped to manage your own classroom after valuable field experience. In this environment, you will benefit from one-on-one guidance from experienced educators, as well as visit schools to learn how to manage a classroom by gaining a deeper look into the workings of a real-life classroom.

Four core modules:

  • Module 1: The Role of the Teacher
  • Module 2: Learner Development and Experiences
  • Module 3: Assessing Student Learning
  • Module 4: Planning for Instruction and Instructional Strategies

Plus chosen stream coursework:

Elementary-focused stream:

  • Module 1: Role of the Teacher (3 weeks/45 hours)
  • Module 2: Learner Development and Experiences (4 weeks/65 hours)
  • Module 3: Assessing Student Learning (4 weeks/65 hours)
  • Module 4: Planning for Instruction and Instructional Strategies (5 weeks/75 hours)
  • Literacy Method 1 (3 weeks/45 hours)
  • Literacy Method 2 (3 weeks/45 hours)
  • Numeracy (3 weeks/45 hours)
  • Science (1 week/20 hours)
  • Social Sciences (1 week/20 hours)

Secondary-focused stream:

  • Module 1: Role of the Teacher (4 weeks/60 hours)
  • Module 2: Learner Development and Experiences (6 weeks/90 hours)
  • Module 3: Assessing Student Learning (6 weeks/90 hours)
  • Module 4: Planning for Instruction and Instructional Strategies (8 weeks/120 hours)

Structured English Immersion:

  • 3 weeks/45 hours

Clinical Placement provides you with an opportunity to bring theory and practice together in a meaningful way. You will learn the complexities of working in a school and being a teacher. Benefit from authentic, engaging experiences designed to enhance understanding, and encourage application and growth in a classroom setting. You’ll gain exposure to the complexities of working in a school, plus. build valuable relationships and receive helpful guidance from experienced educators. Develop into a great teacher with this rewarding practical experience.

Klassroom has developed a clinical experience that not only meets state requirements, but that will go above and beyond to prepare you for the classroom.

Clinical Placement requirements:

  • Clinical Placement (12 weeks/450 hours) that will include weekly logbook assignments, formal and informal observations of teaching
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Module (Online module/ 2 hours) – To be completed prior to Clinical Placement
  • Passing score on an Arizona state subject and professional knowledge tests via AEPA/NES aligned to your teaching licensure field – To be completed prior to clinical placement

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can land a job as a teacher in a public school in the U.S. you must first become certified in the state you wish to teach in, this qualification is commonly referred to as a teaching certificate, teaching license, or teaching credential. In Arizona, requirements are set by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

To qualify for an Arizona teaching certification, teachers are required to hold a bachelor’s degree and complete a state-approved teacher preparation program from an accredited partner.

Traditionally, teacher certification or licensure programs are provided in-person by colleges and universities in a four-year degree or two-year post-baccalaureate formats.

Alternative teacher certification programs, like TCP, are designed for aspiring educators, career changers and experienced educators without a teaching license. Earn a teaching credential in a flexible and accelerated course delivery format while achieving the same learning outcomes of traditional certification or licensure programs.

Online teacher certification, often referred to as an alternative or accelerated teacher certification, provides an expedited pathway to teaching licensure in the U.S. for aspiring teachers who wish to become a licensed teacher.

Alternative teacher certification was originally designed to prepare non-certified teachers to fill shortages in certain subject areas and geographical locations and to provide entry into the teaching profession for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field looking to make a career in teaching.

Online teacher certification is quickly growing as a popular alternative to traditional teacher preparation programs. Unlike traditional teacher training programs, which generally consist of two years of full-time, intensive study, online teacher certification programs are easier to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Becoming a certified U.S. teacher online is particularly popular among working professionals looking to accelerate their transition to teaching in the K-12 classroom, as programs can be completed in under a year.

Online teacher certification has now become a common way for teachers to enter the field. Today, one in five new teachers become a teacher in the U.S. through alternative means, including online state-approved teacher preparation programs.

Online teacher certification is also increasingly growing in popularity among U.S. citizens working as ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers overseas, who wish to continue their teaching career in the U.S. upon their return.

Teaching candidates who hold a U.S. teaching certification are in high demand at international schools that follow an American curriculum. As a result, you’ll likely qualify for some of the most competitive teaching positions at the world’s top international schools.

Yes! TCP Arizona is an approved education preparation program required for a full, regular renewable teaching license. It is not a temporary or alternative license. Upon completion of the program, candidates are eligible to earn an Arizona teaching license that is easily transferable to other parts of the U.S.

Teaching candidates who hold a U.S. teaching certification are in high demand at international schools that follow an American curriculum. As a result, you’ll likely qualify for some of the most competitive teaching positions at the world’s top international schools.

TCP is a state-approved educator preparation program by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

The application process is simple. Just fill out the application information on our website and one of our Course Advisors will be in touch with you within a few days. In the meantime, we’ll email you some more information about teacher certification and the documents you will need to collect and submit for admissions review.

The program can be completed in under a year but you have up to two years to complete the program and all requirements in their entirety. You must complete all components of TCP with a 3.0 GPA to graduate.

Klassroom’s Teacher Certification Program Arizona will qualify you to teach in the state of Arizona. The TCP Core coursework is 100% online. The clinical placement of this program may be completed from anywhere in the United States or at a U.S. international school.

You may choose one of the following licensure fields through this program:

  • Elementary Education, K-8
  • Secondary Education, 6-12
  • Mild to Moderate Disabilities Special Education, K-12

For Secondary Education, you may choose one of the following subject areas to specialize in:

  • Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, English, French, Geography, General Science, German, History, Health, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Political, Science/American Government, Social Studies, or Spanish

The online component (TCP Core) is comprised of online coursework and field experiences. Over the course of approximately 7 months, you will work through 360 hours of coursework broken down over four core modules. Each module contains anywhere from 4-8 lessons released weekly which our advisors encourage you to dedicate anywhere from 15-20 hours per week to. The online coursework includes research and readings, video observations and submissions, discussions, and weekly assessments and evaluations. The field experiences are designed to enhance understanding and encourage the application of core work competencies. TCP Core must be completed over a 7 month period and is delivered 100% online.

TCP’s Arizona Teacher Preparation Coordinator will guide you with your search in finding a full-time teaching position in Arizona under an alternative teaching certificate, support your current teaching position as part of your clinical placement if the requirements are met, or place you in an Arizona classroom as a non-paid student-teacher for your clinical placement to complete your 450 hours (12 weeks) of clinical placement.

To earn a Standard Teaching Certificate you must pass two Arizona State required (AEPA/NES) exams: Subject Knowledge Exam, and Professional Knowledge exam that matches the teaching license field you are pursuing.

Once you successfully complete the program, you’ll be able to apply for a Teaching License in Arizona through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). With a sought-after American teaching license, you could land a teaching job just about anywhere! From teacher training to placement, we’re here to light the way.

Yes! This program is unique as both the course work and the clinical placement may be completed in any state. Please discuss the option of completing this program out of state with your Admissions Advisor who will provide you more details and confirm if this option works for you. The teaching license you receive will, however, be an Arizona state teaching license.

We offer Veterans, Active Duty members, and spouse(s) $250 off tuition. Thank you for your service!

Yes! Klassroom has several payment options available for you to help you budget for your tuition. Please check with our Admissions advisors to explore monthly installment plans, up-front payments, and down-payment options to secure your enrollment in the next cohort.

Upon enrolment with our Admissions Team, candidates will fulfill a $500 non-refundable deposit. Due to the online nature of this program, refunds will not be offered once the program commences. Our TCP team is here to support teacher candidates on their journey and every effort is made to help students complete the entire teacher certification program.

An affordable certification program

Klassroom is committed to providing students a no-interest option to get started on their Teacher Certification right away. Students have the option to enroll in TCP through a variety of payment plan options to help you budget for your tuition payment by selecting the option that works best for you.

Full Tuition

Pay your tuition upfront and save. No loans, no payments, no hassles. 

Monthly Installments

Speak to an Admissions Advisor about available monthly installment plan options that work best for you.

Request a call with a course advisor.