TEFL Certification from International House Berkeley

Earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate from the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at International House Berkeley and qualify for ESL teaching positions all over the world!

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Why TEFL from International House Berkeley?

Over half of our TEFL grads received job offers in 3 months!

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The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at International House Berkeley

An expert in global leadership consulting, coaching, and training. The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at International House Berkeley is a center of excellence for advancing leadership, understanding, and collaboration across cultures. Consultants have decades of experience providing leadership consulting, coaching, and training across a wide range of sectors, equipping professionals to work effectively in today's global marketplace.

Experiential approach to professional development and continuing education. Learners gain practical skills and strategies through a unique interactive online experience. Going beyond traditional lecture-based learning, our online course provides you with tangible skills and tools maximize your effectiveness in the classroom and beyond.

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Who is a TEFL certification for?

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University Graduates

A university graduate, or soon-to-be graduating student, seeking an exciting opportunity to work, travel and broaden their horizons.

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Online Teachers

New and experienced teachers looking to supplement their income from home or university graduates seeking a remote work opportunity while traveling.

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Aspiring Teachers

Teachers new to teaching with no formal teaching experience, with or without a teaching license or qualifications.

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Experienced Educators

Educators with a teaching license seeking a professional development certification to prepare for teaching English language learners.

120-hour Course Curriculum

This course is delivered in a 120-hour and 100% online format. The course curriculum introduces you to the fundamentals of teaching, equips you to teach the English language and prepares you for your new life living and teaching abroad.

Core Curriculum

Module 1Intro to TEFL10 hours
Module 2Components of Language5 hours
Module 3The Role of Teachers5 hours
Module 4Lesson Planning Foundations10 hours
Module 5Effective Classroom Skills and Management10 hours
Module 6Teaching Reading7.5 hours
Module 7Teaching Listening7.5 hours
Module 8Teaching Writing7.5 hours
Module 9Teaching Grammar7.5 hours
Module 10Teaching Speaking7.5 hours
Module 11Resources, Games and Materials7.5 hours
Module 12Teaching Pronunciation7.5 hours
Module 13Teaching Vocabulary7.5 hours


International Teaching and Global Effectiveness


Module 14Humans and Culture4 hours
Module 15Navigating the Intercultural Development Continuum4 hours
Module 16The DIVER Tool3 hours
Module 17Effectiveness in the Classroom3 hours
Module 18Effectiveness in the Classroom Part 23 hours
Module 19Facing Complex Power Dynamics3 hours
Total Hours120 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As an internationally recognized qualification to teach English abroad, a TEFL certification is a common requirement set by most international employers. While you may come across the occasional job posting where a TEFL certification is not explicitly listed as a requirement, being TEFL certified will help you stand out among other candidates when applying for jobs teaching English abroad.

This TEFL course is 100% online and self-paced. This means you can begin at any time, study at your own pace and complete the course alongside your work, school or family schedule!

A TEFL certification is the ESL qualification of choice for hiring schools all around the world, however, there’s no single international accrediting body in place (yet) to govern TEFL course standards.

No accrediting body also means there is no single organization regulating the quality of TEFL courses, so anyone can create and sell a TEFL course. This accounts for the huge range in both price and quality of the sometimes overwhelming number of TEFL course offerings currently on the market.

As a general rule, a reputable TEFL course should come in around the $1,000 USD mark.

On average, this TEFL course takes approximately 6-12 weeks to complete. However, the course is completely self-paced and students are given one year to complete it.

For more answers to common questions related to getting TEFL certified, check out our guide to TEFL certification.