Beijing International Education Exchange

Beijing International Education Exchange (BIEE) - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 When applying for the work permit, do I have to present the original copies of my college degree and other certificates or documents?

Based on current policies, you are required to present one copy notarized by state notaries departments and authorized by foreign Chinese Embassies will also be accepted. However, cost and time for notarization vary from countries to countries. Please refer to the authority in your country for more information.

Q2 Do I need to undergo the physical examination before I come to work in China?

Based on current policies, Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs requires the examination before obtaining your work visor or work permit. We strongly recommend that you check with your family doctor or your hospital for a physical examination. We have a chart for your reference indicating what should be covered by the exam. Please note that you don’t have to check all the items listed in the chart. A general exam is sufficient. Before signing your employment contract, besides your certificate of health, you should honestly inform BIEE and your school employer your health conditions, such as history of serious illness, chronicle illness or pregnancy status, etc. After you arrive in Beijing, you may also undergo the physical examination at Beijing Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Q3 Who will be responsible for the expenses related to work visa?

In most cases, the foreign teacher himself or herself will bear the cost of obtaining the work visa and other relevant documents.

Q4 How long will it take to obtain my Chinese work visa?

Generally speaking, you will receive your work visa within one to three months, depending on the quality of documents provided. During the year, public holidays, school breaks, changes in policies and other unpredictable events may all affect the processing time one way or the other.

Q5 Do I have to apply for the work visa in my home country?

Can I apply for it in the country where I am traveling? --General speaking, we strongly recommend that you obtain the work visa in your home country. If due to irresistible factors, you must apply in a country other than your home country, please make sure you study the local requirements and provide relevant documents. In this case, if the applicant fails to provide documents, neither BIEE nor the hosting school will be held accountable.

Q6 How will I be paid?

Generally speaking, after you complete all the necessary paperwork in Beijing, you shall open a bank account at the Bank of Beijing, using your passport. The payment of your monthly salary will be deposited in your Bank of Beijing account.

Q7 Will my school provide free accommodation during my contract?

In general, most public schools in Beijing don’t have boarding facilities, thus no free accommodation is available on your campus. Your school employer will assist you in finding an appropriate housing by the school campus.

Q8 Will I receive any paid vacation or holiday time?

Generally speaking, full-time teachers are entitled to the Chinese public national holidays as well as the summer and winter holidays with pay during employment. Other situation will depend on the projects.