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Please see school information below. Teachers will be asked to select 3 schools in order of preference. If you have no preference, the BIEE team will place you at the school they select on your behalf.

Beijing International Education Exchange - Schools




Class Size

Teaching Grades


Beijing Wangjing Nanhu Dongyuan Primary School


One of the Beijing traditional football schools and also one of the National football-characteristics schools.

Approx 30

Grade 4 -6


Beijing Yinghuayuan Experimental School

Beijing Experimental School was found in 1998, and since then, it has had Integrity, Erudition, Innovation, Efficiency as its school motto.



Grade 3-7


FCD International school

FCD International school enrolls students from all over the world. FCD International school has professional and excellent tea

ching staff. All teaching staff believe that 6 years learning in FCD lay a good foundation

for students future development. FCD offers a world-class education curriculum, serving students with healthy bodies and bright minDS.



Grade 1-6


Milky Way bilingual school

School of existing staff 78

people, nearly 1800 students. School has been rated as working area, the city children education scheme, 30 years of reform and opening up the capital's most

prestigious private schools, the Chinese private education innovative school.



Grade 1-6


QiZhuang primary school

The traditional crafts of QiZhuang Primary School, DuoXiu as a school-based curriculum has been 12 years, and it already has its own characteristic, and it also was rated as super art

troupe which was called ChaoHua.


Grade 3-6


Xinsheng Primary School

Football, is our school's sports characteristic. Founded in September 2011, lasted for more than five years. Football team

trains every day students quality is improved.



Grade 4-6


Guomeijiayuan elementary school

Guomeijiayuan elementary school, built in September 2007, is a public, independent elementary school. There are 6 grades and a total of 796 students, 61teachers in school.


Grade 3-6


Zaoying Branch of Beijing No.80 High School



The school selects the students who have innovative consciousness and practical ability directly enter into the junior middle school. Getting through primary school and middle school, we set up a school with distinctive characteristics of the 5+4 program.


Grade 3-8


Anwaisantiao Primary School

Our school is a Sport Culture school and adheres to the concept of "respect for diversity and development", and promoting health. in 2010 we became one of Beijing citizens high-quality schools.




Grade 1-3


Beijing Dongcheng Huimin 

Experimental Primary School

Beijing Dongcheng Huimin Experimental Primary School was founded in 1909.

It is Beijing's first ethnic school, and

Is the closest such school to Tiananmen Square. Drama education

Is the school's specialty.



Approx 30

Grade 1-6


Beijing Guangqumen Middle School

We stick to the philosophy of people-oriented and comprehensive education and initiate the idea of “life influences and we try to make every life brilliant”. We aim at paying attention to teacher’s happiness and constructing harmonious school culture, making the satisfaction higher and perfecting the school ecosystem and try to enhance each student’s quality.



Junior 1 and 2

Senior 1 and 2


Beijing No.54 Middle School

As the national juvenile campus football featured school, football training has always been our tradition and feature.



Junior 1,2 and 3

Senior 1


Fen Si Ting Primary School

Our school has many colorful and characteristic educations in the field of art, science and sport. For example, we have the Orchestra Band, Dance Group,

Jinfan Chorus and Jinfan Drama Troupe, through which we have won different kinds of national, municipal and district prizes.



Grade 1-3


He Ping Bei Lu School

He Ping Bei Lu school a 9 year sports specialty school. Schools have to cultivate all-round development, learn the high quality sports talents.



Grade 1-9


Hepingli No.1 Primary School

Basketball is our school’s main feature, our boys and girls retain champions for many years in the competitions of Beijing.


Grade 1 and 2


The Branch School of Beijing No. 50 Middle School

Our school’s courses cover national courses, subject optional courses, club courses based on Chinese Culture, and theme educational courses.



Grades 7,8,10,11


The Branch School of Shijia Primary

The Branch School of Shijia Primary strives to build a team of school heads and teaching staff with serious attitude, rigorous teaching style, responsible teachers' image, a loving and respectful quality and innovative spirit based on the principle of joyful learning and harmonious growth. Most importantly, the aim of the school is to

cultivate healthy and confident students with good habits and own talents.


Approx 30

Grade 2-6


Tiyuguanlu Primary School

Our school is outstanding for "technology education" and with

"sincere man, scientific work" as the school motto. Adhering to the "happy every day, progress every day" philosophy, our school is becoming children favourite school.


Approx 40

Grade 3-5


Xizhongjie Primary School

We focus on art and sports activities based on building an excellent teacher group, and aim to train the students to be those people who have civilized manners, enjoy studying, understand arts, have competitive consciousness and enjoy their lives.



Grade 4-6


Beijing Fengtai District Jijiamiao Primary School

Under the guidance of the concept of "Let Every Flower Bloom", the school has formed the characteristic of flower culture. And the school has developed a series of school-based curricula, such as Flower Based course and Tissue Culture Course.



Grade 5


Beijing Fengtai Fulun primary school

We have beautiful campus environment, advanced teaching facilities, strong teacher for many professional classrooms.



Grade 2-5


Beijing Fengtai No.7 Middle School

The school pays attention to aesthetic education, setting up plenty of school-based courses, such as Folk Craft, Psychology Association, Chorus Club, Chinese Traditional Painting, which are popular among students.



Grade 7-9


Beijing Fengtai Second Experimental Primary School

"Xinmin school education" as the educational philosophy, based on the position of children, we build a curriculum system "my heart lets me new", and strive to cultivate the sustainable development of Xinmin youth, school’s slogan isbe knowledgeable, be polite, be healthy, be creative".


Grade 1-6


BeiJing Haidian District Experimental Primary School Fengtai Campus


The school is very beautiful and there are a lot of excellent teachers who have a High education teaching level. The educational philosophy of school is "we not surpass others, but tomorrow must transcend yourself!"


Grade 1-6


Beijing Xi Luoyuan school


The school focuses much on Football and Drama.


Grade 3-9


Chang Xin Dian Center Primary School

The school is well-equipped with modern teaching facilities, owing special classes such as art room, calligraphy room, dancing room, music room, computer room, laboratory, resource room, craft room, multi-media room, wind music rehearsal studio room and lecture hall.



Grade 3 and 4


Dianchang Primary School


Our school has formed the good development feature of exercise the body and shape the personality, to be a good student in an all-round way. Our school is the characteristic

school of Feng Tai District in the field of

National traditional sports. At the same time, our school has a team of excellent sports teachers. Table tennis, swimming are our school’s special courses. There are also many other rich community activities, such as tennis, skating, dancing.



Grade 1-6


Donggaodi No. 1 Primary School

Donggaodi No. 1 Primary School, which was founded in 1956, has the longest history in the local area. It is conveniently located in the east of the Donggaodi community, where the First Research Institute of is near. A lot of people graduated from our school are working in many fields especially for CASC. Many of them have achieved great success.


Grade 1-6


Fengtai Number one primary school Changxindian Branch


The School adheres to the philosophy of education "Let children grow up healthily and happily" and strives to practice the motto of seeking truth, developing fitness, and repairing virtue, moreover actively explores the characteristics of harmonious education to promote the students' healthy, harmonious and happy growth.



Grade 1-6


Lugouqiao No. 2 Primary School of Beijing

The school offers 30 interesting courses such as typical PE, entertainment

appreciation, fork heritage and model making.

The school encourages a positive attitude ,self- confidence, bravery and




Grade 2-3


The elementary school affiliated to Beijing Fengtai No. 2 School


The school opens various after-school clubs. Among them, the orchestra and drama clubs are most popular. Students from the orchestra used to give their performance in NCPA(National Center for the Performing Arts)



Grade 1-5


The Second Primary School of East Tiejiangying

The school develops featured

school-based curriculum focusing on basketball, and includes basketball into the curriculum plan.


Grade 1-4


Tsinghua University High School

The school possesses complete and modern teaching equipments,

including professional painting room, exhibition room, dancing room, PAD room, geography room, science room and badminton courts etc.



Grades 3, 6, 7 and 8


XinFadi elementary school

Our school has an excellent chorus and dancing group, which won the first and the second prize in the City Art Festival. They had participated the performing activities in the great hall of the people. Our school was elected as the Science and Technology Education Model School of Beijing, the Art Education Model School of Beijing, the Campus Football Demonstration School of Beijing.



Grade 3 and 4


Yungang Primary School Affiliated to Capital Normal University

It ranks at the top of teaching research level and students’ achievements in Fengtai district and take part in important regional and municipal English teaching research and




Grade 1-6


Beijing Jingyuan School

The school has a strong team of over 60 faculty and staff, including teachers with Master degrees. Under the guidance of core philosophy “work for the development and happiness of people’s whole life”, the school pays close attention to the personality and potential development of students. It devotes itself to creating the student-oriented education, so as to enhance the co-development of school, students and teachers.



Grade 4-6


Beijing Shijingshan District Experimental Primary School

We are planning to focus on the development of teachers. We focused our teaching ideal on how to raise the children’s interests of learning English by our understanding of learning rules. English teachers will act as Teaching Assistants to Chinese staff.



Grade 1-6


Gucheng,No.2 primary school

The school establishes the "Smile Education Concept” and is one of the green education brand schools in Shijingshan District.



Grade 5 and 6


Jindingjie No. 2 Primary School 

Our school is the national football demonstration school.



Grade 4 and 5


The branch of GUCHENG second elementary school

The school believes in an education of life, by life and for life, so our educational goal is learn to study, learn to live, learn to create. And we commit to build a learning paradise and comfortable home.



Grade 2-5


Dong Feng Primary School

Sports and art are our school's characteristic as well as science and technology.



Grade 5


Houshayu Primary School 

Houshayu Primary school is a football and dancing featured school. Football and dancing are all join the national project. In addition, the school is also the Pandeng English demonstration school. Beijing reading project school and traditional culture Xingzhi project school.


Grade 2-5


Shuangxing Primary School 

Our school always puts education in the first place and we’ve made great achievements for years in Shunyi District and Beijing. Our school has committed to promoting traditional culture education for 6 years.


Grade 2-5


Beijing Shijia Primary School Tongzhou Campus  

To provide the best education service for each family and the best educational environment for every student, to ensure the healthy and happy growth of each child and to improve the quality of life of teachers and students has become the goal of the school forever.



Grade 3 and 4


No.1 Experimental Primary School of Tongzhou

As the Beijing Science and Technology Demonstration School, we establish a variety of interest groups, community activities, and school-based curriculum.


Grade 1-6


Tongzhou Furong Primary School

Furong Primary School advocates a distinctive educational model which aimed at bringing up students with a Chinese spirit and a global principles.



Low/ Intermediate level


San Yili Primary School

Our educational philosophy and values are based on the historical accumulation of traditional culture and Chinese civilization and traditional virtues.Therefore, the school formed a good environment to adapt to the development of all students.



Grade 3-6


Beijing Zizhong Elementary School

This elementary school bases for patriotic education, long history of revolution and glorious revolutionary traditions. Great campus atmosphere and special campus culture provides a solid foundation for patriotic education.


Grade 1-6


Denglei Primary School

Over the past few years, the school closely rely on the "Guoxue cultural foundation, to create high-quality learning-oriented schools," to be school’s objectives. We try to pursue teachers’ professional development and the healthy growth of students. Our school has won widespread social praise. Our school also is a people's satisfied school.


Grade 1-6


Beijing Leifeng Primary School

In order to help both teachers and students improve together, Beijing Leifeng Primary School has insisted on the Spirit of Leifeng as an important content and method to implement quality education, promote educational quality and achieve inner development, by means of cultivating the students to have their own humanistic literacy, the ability of taking part in practical activities and the behaviour of doing public welfare for a life time.


Grade 2-4