Phoenix City International School

Phoenix City International School

Guangzhou, China

Phoenix City International School (PCIS) was founded in 2003. The development was supported by the Bright Scholar Education Group.

The main campus is located within a purpose built housing complex which resembles a town. The large housing complex has some of the largest villas in South China and therefore the school is within a wealthy district of Guangzhou. The school is surrounded by large houses, quiet streets and the entrances to Phoenix City are manned by a security force making the community a safe place to live and work. The school and area have developed at a fast pace and has evolved to the school and community that it is today.

Aside from the main campus, the following kindergartens are connected to the school and within the surrounding areas. They are all members of Bright Scholar Education Group: -Phoenix City Bilingual Kindergarten (2003; Guangzhou, Guangdong) -Licheng Country Garden Bilingual Kindergarten (2004; Guangzhou, Guangdong) - Phoenix City International Kindergarten (2009; Guangzhou, Guangdong) -Country Garden Holiday Islands Kindergarten (2013; Guangzhou, Guangdong) -Phoenix City Fengyan Kindergarten (2014; Guangzhou, Guangdong) -Phoenix City Fengxin Kindergarten (2014; Guangzhou, Guangdong)

The main PCIS Campus: The main campus is currently home to the International Primary School, the Bilingual Primary School, the Bilingual High School and the newly formed International High School. All of the schools main language of instruction is Chinese but all schools offer a comprehensive English Language Curriculum. The main campus also has a large sport’s field, a swimming pool, landscaped gardens, outside learning areas, a canteen, electric bike parks and accommodation for staff and some pupils. The school is located near bus stops which can take you to the Traffic Center, Xingtang and Guangzhou.

IB Changes and Future PCIS Goals: Over the past few years,the school has embarked on a big change. The school is now an accredited International Baccalaureate School.The IB Program aims to provide children with a holistic approach to education. It aims to develop children into successful, life-long learners who are ready to become a member of the future global society. The educational program aims to develop children into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are equipped with the necessary skills to be successful in their education and future life.

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