Al-Ru'ya Bilingual School was founded in 1996, and received accreditation from the CIS in July 2008. Students learn within an environment grounded in Islamic and Arab culture to hold onto our heritage and traditions, though we are preparing our student to be apart of the the knowledge base economy by using Arabic and English as teaching languages. The subjects that are taught in English are the English Language Art, Math, Science, Information Technology and Arts&Crafts. The subjects that are taught in Arabic are the Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and the specially designed Al Ru'ya Pastoral Program. The academic program leads to the High School Diploma and focuses on preparing students for the colleges and the universities of Kuwait, the Arab world, the USA and Europe. Al-Ru-ya Bilingual School have more than 1700 students enrolled in grades 1 to 12 with male and female students learning in two separate buildings. We currently have 91 classrooms and specialized science laboratories and there is also gymnasiums, media centers and excellent sporting facilities to support your child in receiving the best education.

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