We are a Bilingual School in the Dominican Republic, we work with children from 1 to 6 years old, we are located in the City of Santo Domingo.  

The hallmarks of Baby's First School are the innovation and creativity that contributes to the quality of education that we provide to our children.  We enliven the imagination with our curriculum, based on a fusion that integrates the best experiences of pedagogical models: R. Emelia, J. Piaget, L.S.  Vigotski and H. Gardner.  Dewey. The essential pedagogical foundation that characterizes our model is the balance in terms of quantity, the variety of activities, and the harmony between the experiences that students must acquire.Children are viewed as competent individuals and active learners. Teachers are facilitators and co-learners, who present children with meaningful learning experiences, based on children’s interests, and geared towards creativity, self-expression, exploration, discovery, and investigation

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