Benesse BE studio provides exciting English learning programs for children. We currently operate over 1,700 schools across Japan, employing 2,000+ teachers, and are looking to expand further. Our student demographic exemplifies BE studio's unique positioning, where the youngest student is 9 months, and the student majority is under the age of 6-7. 

BE studio was selected as the “overall best school” and “school with great teachers” in the young learners division of the iid Award 2019.

Teachers at BE studio enjoy the fun and interactive, activity-based lessons just as much as the students. We also have a bilingual lesson partner to support the teacher with classroom management and parent communication to ensure a fun, safe, and productive environment. Combined with our small class size, of up to 8 students, BE studio creates a highly engaging communicative environment for young learners, to be exposed to and exercise authentic English communication skills. 

BE studio’s brand concept symbolizes such key features, as we pay great respect to, and encourage each student’s originality and character. We aim for our students to be able to collaborate across cultures, and create new value through “heartfelt communication.”

As part of the Benesse group, the leading education company in Japan, BE studio continues to bring impact to support with the development of English communication skills for young learners. There are also opportunities, in collaboration with the Benesse group, to expand your teaching experience and develop your career.

If you're passionate about teaching children and would like to pursue a career in the education industry, BE studio is a great match! We look forward to meeting the next BE studio teachers!

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