St. Joseph's Diocesan School is a co-educational Chinese Catholic school in the rapidly developing city of Macau, a "Special Administrative Region" of China (same status to Hong Kong). Our Chinese section is a grade K-12 Chinese (Cantonese) medium program following a typical Macau curriculum including English as a core subject. Our English Section, bilingual English-Chinese program includes a long standing grade 7-12 English medium program (60% English medium) with a mixed staff of local and international teachers and our new Primary English Section, which opened in 2016/2017 and currently includes grades 1-3.  

Teaching abroad at CDSJ 5 is an excellent opportunity for individuals who seek a fully immersive experience of local culture in a unique and rapidly developing city and the chance to make a profound impact in students' lives.  Situated in a local residental area, we serve families who normally may not have access to native English speakers and fewer opportunities to meet peopel from other cultures.  We seek candidates who will fully integrate themselves into our school life and help us achieve high standards in education and create a rich cultural experience for our students.  These individuals must be resourceful, adaptive, mature, responsible, and excellent communicators.  Passion for education paired with patience and understanding for a developing school system in a foreign place are also essential.  If this describes you, please check our current postings! 

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