EIFA is an independent, international, secular school providing an English-French bilingual education. EIFA takes a child-centred approach to learning and encourages the linguistic diversity of its students – developing responsible global citizens, and promoting multicultural understanding through study in at least two languages.

EIFA is the only school in the UK to teach all core subjects in English and French – from day nursery to year 11.

Most parents would agree it is vital that our children grow up with an openness to, and a deep acceptance of different cultures. This must start with language. It is language that frames our lives and by being bilingual we gain an insight into other cultures. Language skills are also a powerful springboard when it comes to gaining admission into the most challenging universities and workplaces.

At EIFA we foster open-minded and flexible citizens of the world who will find themselves at home in more than one culture, communicate in more than one language, understand the views of others and how these are shaped and mix with people of a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

We offer a broad, balanced curriculum delivered in at least two languages, designing school experiences that develop and showcase each child’s talents, meet challenges, pursue and expand interests, allay fears, and realise hopes and dreams.

We encourage students to reflect on and accept responsibility for their own learning by presenting opportunities for inter-disciplinary research projects where they explore subjects of interest, employing critical thinking skills to select, analyse and evaluate different sources of information in order to offer solutions to the issues raised in class discussions.

We equip each student with the requisite tools to achieve their potential by pursuing an internationally accredited education.

We provide an internationally recognised programme which will encourage learners to acquire social skills as well as academic skills, and foster a desire to promote peace and understanding in our world.

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