Why Ghars:
Ghars plants in education yields spirits that are:
• Unique in their solid Islamic beliefs.
• Capable of creation and development.
• Benecial for themselves and others.
• Stable in facing changes.

Ghars Mission:
Ghars aim to instill Islamic values and educational skills to build unique and creative individuals who value themselves
and others.

Ghars Vision:
Building an aware generation with positive personalities that will assist students to be independent learners and unique
in their Islamic values.

Ghars Philosophy:
Ghars is a bilingual educational institution that combines the Arabic language curriculum with the English language
curriculum to meet your child’s needs.
Ghars oers an American international curriculum (Scott Foresman: Pearson) using Common Core Standards that builds
foundational skills, integrating Envision Math, and Interactive science with qualied and professional educational staff.
Ghars drives its values from Islam, to prepare a generation where students are raised to honor the creator, respect themselves and
others, be considerate of culture diversity, be ecient in the community, and become responsible and mature global citizens.

Ghars empowres the students to:
• Praise Allah by studying the Holy Qura’an and understanding the names and attributes of Allah.
• Recite and learn verses from the Holy Qura’an.
• Take initiative and have cooperative team spirit.
• Be respectfull of oneself and others.
• Appreciate the Arabic language through the use of diverse creative tools.
• Study from well-established curriculum that meets their needs.
• Be independent learners through research, meditation , observation.
• Develope critical thinking skills and creative approaches to learning.
• Discover their talents and develop them.

Ghars provides:
(a) Student-centered programs which reect 21st century learning and life-related experiences.
(b) English learning program - An American international curriculum following Common Core Standards that construct
foundational skills, integrating envision Math and interactive science.
(c) Arabic programs as required by the Ministry of Education - Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and the
Holy Qur’an.
(d) Learning resources and activities, such as computer laboratory, and a library.
(e) Instruction in art, computer literacy, physical education and swimming.
(f ) Educational plans such as ELL and AFL and behavioral plans as needed.

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