Hale Education Group’s mission is to guide and empower students seeking to realize their maximum personal, academic, and professional potential through the pursuit of North American higher education.

We are a leading global independent educational consulting firm that provides mentoring and admissions counseling to international students seeking admission to the full spectrum of North American universities and colleges. Headquartered in Dubai, Hale Education Group also has offices in Abu Dhabi.

Our model has evolved from our deep background and broad experience in the industry. We provide intensive one-on-one counseling and guidance to students in every aspect of North American college admissions, based on the philosophy of finding the right “fit.” We are defined by our collaboration with parents and students, as well as our innovative use of technology.

At Hale Education Group, we mentor and prepare high school students for admission to US and Canadian universities through one-on-one college counseling and test preparation. We also assist with preparatory and graduate school applications.

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